The painful truth

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"The Painful truth"

Written by Daz for MJJCommunity


If the 1st Amendment is so 'important' in the US, let us speak up too cause if you continue with your lies, we'll continue with the truth. This Blog is written to preserve the legacy of MJ and give him the dignity every human being deserves.

"I do not feel guilty cause I did not do anything wrong" C.M. Well, dear qualified physician let us 'refresh' your memory with these 'statements'. Sit back and weep!

" The evidence will also remain unchanged that C.M. figuratively and literaly abandoned MJ violating not only every standard of care but decency from one human being to another. "Prosecutor Walgren

" If C.M. had been at the head of the bed next to MJ and saw MJ stopped breathing, he would simply have opened up the route for air either by chinlift or perhaps ventilate MJ's lungs with that mask and that squeeze bag that I showed you and then NOTHING would have happened. There would have been no adverse outcome at all. "Dr. Steven Shafer, professor of anesthesiology at Colombia University

" MJ trusted C.M. He trusted him with his life and he paid with his life. For MJ's children this case will go on forever cause they do not have a father. They do not have a father cause of the actions of C.M " Prosecutor Walgren

C.M's phone records reveal, he was on the phone in another room for 47 minutes BEFORE finding MJ 'unconsious'. He called his lover, his wife, other patients and the insurance company.

" We decided on 3 main reasons. He FAILED to call 9 1 1. He had NO medical back up equipment and he left Mr. Jackson ALONE. "The Jury

" Not only isn't there any remorse, there is umbrage and outrage from C.M. against the deceased. To hear him say it, he was a bystander. The fact remains he is offended by that patient dying. I think C.M. is RECKLESS and a DANGER to the community. "Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor

So, dear Qualified physician YOU still THINK you didn't do anthing WRONG, hey!  Ah, DENIAL is a bitch.  No worries though, we know the TRUTH, the painful TRUTH and we'll spread it!


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