How does it feel

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"How does it feel"
Written by Daz for MJJCommunity
#OnThisDay in 1997
"Stranger in Moscow" is released.
The video holds quite a hopeful message which
I'd like to share with you here on MJJCommunity

"How does it feel
when you're alone and you're cold inside"

Since today, "Stranger in Moscow" was released in 1997,
I thought the song/video 'deserved' a Blog and a thread
on MJJCommunity.

I think it's an intriguing video as though it has the sad and
dramatic feel to it, it does offer some comfort if
you're willing to let it sink through.
I mean how can a sad song about "being lonely and cold inside"
still be so beautiful and endearing?

That is simply the Magic of MJ as he always offers a
'way out' out of the darkness.
At first glance, you see people 'sad and lonely' but
then when you pay attention to what they do apart from
the other people in the video, you suddenly see
the 'silver lining' in the video.
Life is sometimes hard and takes us to places we rather stay away
from but even when you're sad and lonely you can still go out and
enjoy the rain like the people in the video.
That is why I love MJ's videos as they always carry a message
hidden between the lines.
I know the video is about MJ but I rather see him here as
an 'narrator' to help people.
To me, it feels like "It's okay to be sad sometimes cause
the happy days will drown the pain"
As for the song, I just love to listen to it in the rain as
it gives a feel of comfort to me at least!

Why do you appreciate the song?

Let us know here:


"Happy days will drown the pain"

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