Q&A With Latoya Jackson (Second cousin to Michael Jackson)


Firstly - we wanted to say Hi, we are MJJCommunity – Michael Jackson Community, the worlds most active Michael Jackson fan club online, its great to speak with you and we thank you for taking time out of you busy schedule to talk to us.

About you

MJJC - Can you tell us who you are and what your relation is to the Jackson family?

LaToya - I'm LaToya Jackson My Grandfather is Luther Jackson who is Joe Jackson's Blood Brother which makes me the second cousin to Michael Jackson

MJJC - What are you up to these days?

LaToya I've been really working on my Purse line and networking with the Jackson Fans trying to stay tuned in social media before i display the main brand. You can follow me on Security Check Required to get your purse made

MJJCWe heard that you are working on a new clothing line amongst other things. As well that you are recruiting people to work for you, can you let us know what you have planned and how can they get in contact with you when they are interested?

LaToyaAgain they can Contact me at Security Check Required or on instagram @LajasLaToyaJackson or on twitter @LajasLatoyaJax

MJJCWho or what is your biggest inspiration in it all and why?

LaToyaMy Biggest Inspiration are my Kids they help me work harder each day and remind myself how important life is

The Family

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MJJCFirstly and most importantly there have been rumours that your uncle Joseph Jackson has not been doing to well, we know the media is not a reliable source when it comes to the things they write about your family. Is there anything you can and want to tell us about that to put the fans minds at rest?

LaToyaOf course Uncle Joseph has had problems and he is getting older but he is a fighter and i know he well be okay and get back to his regular ways.

MJJCWhat was it like growing up in the Jackson family can you tell us what it was like, your happenings and goings on in one of the worlds most famous families?

LaToyaIt's a lot of work being a Jackson! No privacy and you can't really tell who wants to be around you for you but the good thing is Michael and the Family have provided a way for us to make away for our children's children Children's lol. So its a wonderful thing. We spread unity

MJJCWhat is your most favourite memory?

LaToyaMy favorite memory is Michael telling me how strong i am and would be to make a change in the world

About Michael


MJJCWe know that he was always quite the prankster with people, did Michael ever play any jokes/pranks on you?

LaToyaNo jokes or pranks at all he didn't have time for himself he was serious about his family.

MJJCAnd did you ever get to prank him back?

LaToyaI thought about pranking him but never did it lol

MJJCWhat is your most favourite memory that you have of him?

LaToyawhen i went to Neverland and he sat for our talent show to see the family perform. He stayed for the whole talent show 

MJJCIs there anything that we do not know about Michael that you would love to share with us?

LaToyaHis voice was really deeper lol. His soft voice was his signature 

MJJCIf ever what is the best advice or anything specific that Michael ever has given to you?

LaToyaBe Yourself

About Peter Midani AKA Bobby Anderson

MJJC -Are you and your family aware that there are people like this Peter Midani pretending to be your cousin Michael even duping fans who think so?

LaToyaPeter Midani aka Bobby Anderson is a Fraud and the world needs to know. My Cousin Michael would not be on social media all day talking to all these fans and letting people know about his where abouts. Secondly He sounds nothing like my Michael 

MJJCAs said above one of the key offenders is a person who’s real name is Bobby Anderson yet calls himself Peter Midani which is strategic in his efforts as Michael did used to use that name to protect his privacy, this person even goes to the lengths too fool fans to believe that he is Michael by posting videos online making his voice sound like him even scouring the internet to post certain types of pictures to make fans think he is Michael, with the fans well being in mind and obvious what do you think and have to say about that?

LaToyaI would like a end put to this man and if he continues to be sued for misleading my Cousins fans and lying to them. This is a crime in it's self and i will get very involved with it. My lawyers will be getting very involved in this matter now that I'm aware of whats going on.

MJJCBased on the above what advice would you give to Michael's and the Jackson family's fans worldwide who are subject to people like Bobby Anderson AKA Peter Midani?

LaToyaYou have Finally heard it from a True Jackson Family Members Mouth Bobby Anderson aka Peter Midani is not Michael or any of these other pages on Facebook. Snap back into reality people he would not Mislead you and hurt you about leaving the world to get on the internet and play games.


MJJCWhat would you like to say to the members of MJJCommunity and the fans in general worldwide?

LaToyaI'm very happy to reach out to fans and MJJCommunity and I love you all stay in touch.