2014 Billboard Awards Live Streaming Thread

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They spent 2 and a half years on that? It looked like they just filmed an impersonator. If it was a CGI creation, they failed miserably at capturing his likeness. Did not look or feel like Michael at all. Embarrassing to those that hyped it up.
They did the best they could and it wasn't an impersonator!
Noone of us here could have done it better!
Stop complaining...Michael made HISTORY tonight!
I agree that it didn't really look like him and I have no idea how exactly this was made, but damn. The performance was incredible!
So that was an impersonator the whole time? It looked a lot like Michael to me. If it's an impersonator that was used to make the hologram then that's... disappointing. =/ I actually enjoyed the performance too...
Great. that's what we needed...another controversy. I've since watched it two or three times now. First reaction was it was an impersonator....but its kind of hard to tell. I didn't even notice the slip up on the moonwalk at first. If this is "new" footage I would love to know where they got it from. I'm leaning toward it being CGI just because I don't want to believe they actually went with an impersonator....sure we'll know soon enough.

Still it was nice to suspend belief for 4 minutes.
I liked it. I wanna give Virtual Michael a chance. Im sleeping on it too.
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