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Jul 25, 2011
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'I would love to collaborate with MJ'

In town recently to attend a 13-day music festival, sufi singer Kailash Kher seemed to be in a relaxed mood while interacting with his fans and posing for photographs with them.

“We hardly get to see such a mahol for music in Mumbai as everyone likes Bollywood music out there. This festival is all about pure music. It’s like celebrating a festival in the village. Main yahaan mazein lene aaya hoon ,” he quips.

Kailash who is doing the reality show, Mission Ustaad says that he is extremely satisfied by this initiative by UNO to convey its social awareness issues through this unique reality show.

“I have teamed up with Mahalaxmi Iyer and Naresh-Paresh Kamath and we share a great camaraderie and respect each other. Just like celebrities endorse brands and lend their names for social causes, I decided to be part of this show as we can touch upon a lot of social issues like women empowerment, unemployment, child labour and environment through it. It’s a great forum and I enjoy being part of it. Javedji gave me the best compliment on the show by saying ‘ aap sar se kadam tak dil ho’ ! ”

Kailash has recently turned music composer with fellow music composers Naresh and Paresh with Akshay Kumar’s much awaited film Chandni Chowk to China. With his sufiana style of singing that became hugely popular through the album Kailasa, Kher seems to have found a successful combo in brother duo, Naresh-Paresh Kamath. “I met the brothers in Mumbai and we have had a successful partnership in Kailasa and subsequent albums. We are constantly trying to break the monotony in the industry and always try to come up with songs that are straight from the heart.”

So what are his reflections on Ahmedabad? “ I feel this city is like a cultural capital. It is a melting point for artists from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab who are closely associated with the city as many of them have made this city their home. It’s a buzzing business capital as well. Tradition and modernity have fused perfectly here.”

This sufi singer believes in dreaming big when he is talking about his wishlist for collaborating with artists. “I would love to collaborate with Michael Jackson, Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel or Luciano Pavarotti and make some divine music.”

Few would know that the singer was in talks with Pavarotti on a project, but the former passed away before the project took off. With the burst of music reality shows on the television, his message for talented youngsters is, “Reality shows can definitely give you a platform, but to take your career forward is where actual talent comes in. Struggle is a part of life and you have to struggle at every phase of life to make things happen. What’s different is how you can make your music immortal!” signs off Kailash on a philosophical note.