Bad 25 - What's your Favourite Song ? ... and why? + Poll

Bad 25 - What's your Favourite Song ? ... and why?

  • Don't be messin' 'round

    Votes: 2 1.1%
  • I'm So Blue

    Votes: 47 26.9%
  • Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers)

    Votes: 16 9.1%
  • Free

    Votes: 16 9.1%
  • Price Of Fame

    Votes: 39 22.3%
  • Al Capone

    Votes: 55 31.4%

  • Total voters
1. Al Capone
2. Price of Fame
3. I'm So Blue
4. Free
5. Don't Be Messin'
6. Song Groove
I literally can't decide between "I'm So Blue", "Price of Fame" and "Al Capone". They are all brilliant IMO. I love the "too bad... so sad" in "Al Capone" :D
I seem to keep replaying Free the most. To me, it's vintage Michael: pre 90s Michael. Love the harmonies and the way the music flows. Love to hear Michael laughing at the end. It makes me smile. However, I love them all. Don't Be Messin' is interesting as it sounds very Latin. Price of Fame is interesting not only because it's so autobiographical. But it also reminds me of Spirits of the Material World by Police. I think Michael was influenced by that song, one of my favourite Police songs. Love Abortion Papers. I was interested to see how he would handle the subject. I love Al Capone but I think it wouldn't have been as timeless as Smooth Criminal. Al Capone is good but it sounds very 1987. As for I'm So Blue, that reminds me of Much Too Soon. They're all good :)
Don't Be Messin 'round (4) I'm So Blue (4.5) Song Groove/Abortion Papers (5) Free (4) Price Of Fame (5) Al Capone (5) I voted for Song Groove, the lyrics are so powerful and Michael's voice gives me chills, they're all fantastic but opposite to the majority that went for I'm so Blue I went for this because it's the one I loved at first play lol. :kickass:
al capone is my favorite, and dont be messing is my least favorite one....
This was so hard! But I went with "I'm so blue"... It is beautiful! But I love them all really, though I listen to "don't be messin round" a lot less than I listen to the rest! I can see why Michael wanted to release a 3cd album though!
1. Al Capone
2. Free
3. I'm So Blue
4. Don't Be Messin' Round
5. Price Of Fame
6. Abortion Papers
Don't Be Messin 'round

I'm So Blue

Song Groove/Abortion Papers


Price Of Fame

Al Capone
1. Al Capone 5/5
2. Song Groove (A/K/A Abortion Papers) 5/5
3. Price Of Fame 5/5
4. Free 4/5
5. Don't Be Messin' 'Round 3/5
6. I'm So Blue 3/5
My favorite Song from BAD 25 is "I'm So Blue".

I'm So Blue= 5.0

Free =5.0

Al Capone= 4.0

Abortion Papers =3.0

Don't Be Messin' Around= 3.0

Price of Fame = 2.0

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1. I'm So Blue 2. Free 3. Al Capone 4. Abortion Papers 5. Don't Be Messin' Round 6. Price Of Fame
After much further listening...

Don't Be Messin' Round - 4
I'm So Blue - 5
Abortion Papers - 4
Free - 4
Price Of Fame - 5
Al Capone - 5

The one's I thought less of definitely grew on me, so high ratings all around. Very happy with these 6 songs.
i'm so blue to me is a wonderful song, because it makes me happy it has that happy vibe, i love the way Michael sings in this song, the music and the beat gel so well together :)

i like Free as well, that would be my 2ND favourite track, then i'm stuck between what comes next, whether al capone, (that song is BAAAD LOL ;) OR don't be messing around, oooh i don't know:( ;)) oh well they're all good in their won way, each song has it's own quality ;):D
Of all these new tracks, Price of Fame is my favorite. It has that rhythm I would expect from the Bad era. Hard to describe.

I also like Al Capone. It shows the evolution of MJ's music over time in a song that would eventually be Smooth Criminal.

I love the evolution of music making. For example, I like to listen to Streetwalker, then Dangerous (Early Version), and the final Dangerous song on the Dangerous album. The way Michael's music evolved over time is amazing!
Don't Be Messin' Round 2/5
I'm So Blue 5/5
Abortion Papers 5/5
Free 5/5
Price of Fame 5/5
Al Capone 4/5
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I voted for Free. I'm not sure if it's the best song, but it's definitely my favorite at this time. I can't stop re-playing it all over again. It happens to me with MJ songs from time to time. It just makes me smile :D
I'd have to say that Price of Fame is my absolute favourite. It's classic MJ, with dark, aggressive vocals...I just love that type of song that he does...I absolutely love the funky beat to it....Out of all of them, it is just such a precious gem of a song...I feel honoured to be able to hear it...

Next would be I'm So Blue, then Al Capone, Abortion Papers, Free, and Don't Be Messin' 'Round :D
I'm finding myself changing my mind to Abortion Papers over Al Capone now :p

Yeah, me too. At first I thought Al Capone was the best but some of the other songs sound better after multiple listening. Abortion Paper certainly gets better after multiple listening, as well as the two ballads, Free and I'm So Blue.
Don't Be Messin' Round....3/5
I'm So Blue....................5/5
Abortion Papers...........3.5/5
Price of Fame................5/5
Al Capone..................4.5/5
I'm So Blue
I think its the soothing melodies combined with the lyrical content. Which is a direct contrast on my part.
Michael's vocals are outstanding as he expresses his feelings of being hurt by his Boo.

It's the little things that come together as one, that does it for me. Like the "oh lawds" he injects through out the song.
I don't see the credit for the harmonica but it sounds like it could be Mr. Stevie Wonder himself. :p

I'm so addicted to this song. It's timeless. Thank you Michael.
Don't Be Messin Round - just fresh to death, the song itself and the fact that he got this type of song in his discography. Now that it's officially out now, the general public get to see yet another glimpse of his versatility.
A bit surprised the song got ranked THEE lowest.

As a matter of fact, I got the album just a few days ago and that's when I first heard all the songs except for DBMR. So, my favorite can change anytime.
I'm curious myself what would become the ultimate #1.
As of now, the biggest contender is Al Capone.
Don't Be Messin' 'Round 3/5
I'm So Blue 5/5
Abortion Papers 3/5
Free 3/5
Price Of Fame 4/5
Al Capone 5/5

Can't vote in this poll, because I can't pick just one!
I chose FREE as this song is PUUUURFECT for me... Great lyrics...
"You're the one that I adore :wub: "

I love the 'flow' of the song... The lyrics, Michael's soothing voice and the melody blends so well...
It instantly puts a SMILE on my face in whatever 'crappy' mood I'm in :D

My rating is...

FREE 10/10

I'm so Blue 9/10
Funny thing is... I cried the first time, I heard it and vowed this would NOT become a fave song but since it's the 2nd song on the album... It always popped on and then listening with my earphones... I discovered this awesome melody 'hidden' behind those lyrics and I fell in :heart: with the song.

Song Groove 9/10
I love the 'theme' of the song and melody is cool too... This is ONE of the songs that 'HIT' me on first listen and still is a 'winner'...

Don't be messing 'round 8/10

Al Capone 7/10
It's funny how songs that 'hit' me the first time as COOL sometimes 'lose' a little of their 'cool' factor when I listen a lot to them. This is still a HOT song but you know...

Price of fame 6/ 10
This is the least fave song as I don't really like the theme of the song... It makes me angry of how BAD they all treated Michael :(
I don't really FEEL how the melody and the lyrics 'match'
arrrghhh you made me choose! lol, just joking ;)
this was actually soo hard cause i love Free and im soo blue...but i went with free :) cause its actually such a cute song!! aww :wub: but i was soo close to choosing im soo blue omg that song is incredible!! :D :heart:
Don't Be Messin Round 7/10
Im So Blue 10/10 (My favourite! :D)
Abortion Papers 9/10
Free 8/10
The Price Of Fame 8/10
Al Capone 9/10

I'm So Blue is so beautiful. Its just so simple and powerful. The bass acompanied by the Rhodes(?) Piano is just so soothing and great.