Bad Tour (Large size photos online OR posters?)


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Jul 25, 2011
Not sure if this goes in the right place for the post, but does anyone know if a bigger sized photo exists online (big enough to print out to at least a 9x12 page or larger) or even a poster itself of these pics?

I'd love to have a large print of the photo on the back


If not that, than any large size photos or posters.

All I can really find it old posters specific to certain arenas/stadium shows and smaller prints.

Oh, also large sized crowd shots are cool too (like the ones inside the DVD case).
Hah, i JUST found that same one :D
Thanks, though. I've actually found a lot of large size photos, and I think now I'm just narrowing down my search to

-The photo on the back of the DVD
-Large crowd shots like in the inside of the DVD case
-The poster that was included in the deluxe set:

Those'll be hard to find, I imagine. Especially in real HQ. Don't think there are any really. The front side pic was leaked by insider guy mkgenie on MJJC.
I found this..some "death hoax" forum was discussing how it was an MJ impersonator on the DVD back cover rofl! anyway, here..
Hah. What are they basing that off of?
And that pic looks like someone just scanned the back of the dvd and shopped out the words.
It looks edited, yes. Well, they said something about some security guy standing in the crowd not being there originally or something, but LOL the picture on the back cover was cropped a bit that's why that guy they mention wasn't there :doh:
Weird. That picture could have been taken at any of the 7 shows at Wembley (or any similar looking stadium).
I don't get why other people would debate it :D