Best rock song?

Which is MJ's best rock song

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I voted Dirty Diana but Give in to Me comes close, also Come Together but I rather chose an original MJ song. :D
I chose Beat it :heart: I have the guitar solo as my ring tone cause it :punk:

Of course, I love the others too like... Give into me, Dirty Diana and Come together but then I :blink: MORE watching the vids then I do listening to the songs :blush:
Morphine, because it was a very personal song for MJ and plus I love hearing Michael swear.
Wow most of these are among my favourites. Goes to show I'm a rocker!
As someone who is not fond of ''rock music, 'Beat It' is genius.

Aside from it being catchy and full of hooks to stay in the brain, it used a strutting, aggressive beat to talk against machismo. A contradiction that was able to work by being hip enough for the younger ones, yet moral so the adults would approve. I believe it was key in establishing Michael as a positive role model. To a lesser extent, it matched the 'I'm a over not a fighter' attitude of 'The Girl Is Mine'. :)

The lyrics were very vivid with the story already laid out for the treatment.

It was the first time that Michael used that rougher voice. I loved that he actually sang along to the track in the video!
I voted for Dirty Diana, but also They Don't Care About Us, Privacy and Come Together I like them very much
1. Black or White
(massive gap)
2. They Don't Care About Us
3. Dirty Diana
4. Morphine
5. Beat It
6. She Was Loving Me rock version
7. Give in to Me
8. D.S
9. Privacy
(massive gap)
10. Come Together
This is my very first thread. I’m happy to be here!

Tell me your favorite rock song by Michael and why.