Best unreleased song is...?


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Jul 25, 2011
Whych unreleased MJ song do you like best?
Hot street, Niteline, Trooble, Xscape, Serious effect, If you don't love me, There must be more to life than this, Gangsta, No friend of mine, Love never felt so good, She got it, Work that body, Happy birthday Lisa, Carousell, Elizabeth I love you, What more can I give or We be ballin' you? :))
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I like enough of: 'Niteline', 'Trouble', 'Fall Again' (solo), 'Love Never Felt Good' and many others, but now I do not remember them. :p
LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD and CAROUSEL *sigh* and *sigh* again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and does the PYT demo count??????cause that's my number one, and the other two are tied for second :yes:
"Someone Put Your Hand Out" is probably my fave, but I love most of MJ's unreleased songs. Some of them are even better than the tracks that made his albums imo.
We've had enough and No friend of mine(with Tempamental) - although I don't know if this one counts. :)
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Shout or We've Had Enough....OMG if We've Had Enough had a video?!?!?!!!!!! Oh Lord help me! lol :0)
We've had enough most def...but Monkey Business is my ish! Wait no Serious EFFECT omg omg omg! lol
I love all the Off the Wall and Thriller out-takes, but Hot Street, Trouble and Night Line are my favorites.
well IF 'we've had enough' was unreleased than I would chose that but...

Since it was released I would have to say ummmm!

well right now I'm enjoying listening to 'work that body'

instramentals a bit not cool.. lol! we it was a demo.. But the vocals and styling is really cool
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I would have to We've Had Enough, that song would have been huge if released as a single.

Also I have to say I'm loving She Got It right now, really funky.