Bruno Mars impersonates MJ on SNL skit (hilarious!)

Lmao I finally watched it hehehehehehe.... that was so funny :lmao:
indeed, :hysterical: I love the lean and the kick...
Though the last seconds did KILL the joke for me :beee:
The best part of the whole thing was actually Sudeikis who says ''Who the hell skips Billie Jean?'' and later ''What Michael Jackson song is this bastard looking for?''. :hysterical:
That was real funny OMG. But, didn't like him dying after doing MJ with a glove on....:bugeyed His Green day impression was the best.
^No, his character dies after he's finished doing Michael. Personally I think it's because he couldn't handle the power of the King. :p
His Billy Joe was creepily accurate! :eek:hmy2: I didn't like his Michael impersonation, no matter how hard they try, Michael's voice is matchless.
It was funny. I thought the same thing how can you skip Billie jean lol? I liked the Beat it part because they all got into it. I liked the lean too. The only thing I didn't like the way he sang smooth criminal. (don't throw anything at me please). I thought he sounded the closest to Michael when he sang a little bit of man in the mirror. He was so intense doing Michael lol.
I am so glad that I saw a commercial that Bruno Mars was hosting SNL so I made sure to watch it-LOVED the Pandora sketch-the lean was priceless.
Bruno Mars is a real cutie and can really sing. Loved the opening too.
i wished he wore total mj outfit that wouldve been so cool

But yeh " who the heck skips billie jean"!!!! :lmao: best part
I was dying laughing when he botched Louis Armstrong and they were saying "that wasn't your best one"
LOLOL! funny. I'm sure he was faking he didn't know the lyrics..riiiight? :jumpcrazy
Whole family watched it here. Super!

Gotta love Bruno Mars.

He he - yeah wasnt he an mj personator before became famous



I remember seeing other footage of Bruno Mars in much better quality, all dressed up with an afro wig, from what I remember. He was also very young then. Must be somewhere on YT.
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I laughed a lot--funny the way he sang BJ and SC--emphasizing the explosive bursts of Michael's words, which DO often make the lyrics hard to understand--'No one knows the right lyrics to that song!" I didn't 'get' the dying at the end bit as a reference to MJ's death--I just thought 'Devon' burned himself out with his imitations--but if it was a spin on MJ's death, that was NOT funny and I am sorry I laughed at it.
Watched the show on DVR, as I had a feeling MJ would come up knowing Bruno's history a little. And sure enough this skit came on.

I think the dying part at the end was just the character collapsing from taking on so many impressions and then doing the king of pop just did him in lol.
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I admit it made me :lmao: the parts: "Who the hell skips Billie Jean?" and "What Michael Jackson song is the son of a bitch looking for?" becuase it's so true! :lmao:
I think we all learned a way to do the lean too now lol. I never would think of that.
He reminded me of MJ even just doing his monologue.
He looks very much like young MJ.
They changed the video to a shorter video, skipping some funny parts - wtf?