CBS /60 Minutes' Tours Michael Jackson's Estate Warehouse Sunday, May 19 at 7 p.m. ET/PT CBS


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Jul 25, 2011
By Hal Boedeker
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The King of Pop's stuff is getting a segment on "60 Minutes."

Lara Logan tours a warehouse holding items that Michael Jackson owned. Karen Langford, a Jackson pal and archivist for the estate, serves as tour guide.

The tour lets viewers see Grammy awards, cars, clothing, antiques, the Neverland sign and a wooden rocking horse that Elizabeth Taylor gave to Jackson. The horse carries the inscription: "To MJ, Love ET."

Jackson's sequined glove from the Billie Jean Tour is kept in a safe.

The singer's children will decide, when they come of age, what they want to do with the memorabilia.

Logan also examines how Jackson's fortunes, in death, have rebounded. He was heavily in debt at his death in 2009, but since that time, his work has generated more than $600 million in revenue, CBS News says.

The news magazine will offer back-to-back hours this weekend.

The Jackson report airs in the 7 p.m. hour Sunday on WKMG-Channel 6. In the same hour, Lesley Stahl explores the intrusive dangers of facial-recognition technology.,0,
Re: '60 Minutes' examines Michael Jackson stuff

I bet there will be a video shot of the missing Bad Tour film reels and we will be pissed! LOL

I wonder if this is the same warehouse where all the tour tapes were kept!
Re: '60 Minutes' examines Michael Jackson stuff

Good, I wish they would let us in there to put some order to all the stuff.
Re: '60 Minutes' examines Michael Jackson stuff

I dont thinks its the same place as where Michael and those who worked with him stored Films and tapes. Although they may have founds some among MJs personal belongings. I think they fouund The Wembley VHS in one of his night stands. I'm glad 60 Mins is doing a segment on this. It will put many fans minds at ease.
This is what CBS tweeted

60 Minutes‏@60Minutes14m
Is @MichaelJackson’s legacy immortal? Time will tell. Is it lucrative? Oh yes. Sunday on #60Minutes. 7p ET/PT on @CBS
Re: '60 Minutes' examines Michael Jackson stuff in Estate Warehouse

It's amazing how much stuff the estate has. This can put to rest fans thinking Michael possessions are not safe and are not still in the hands of his estate. Including many vintage Cars

May 17, 2013 10:22 AM

A look in Michael Jackson's closet

"60 Minutes" cameras were given access to Michael Jackson's personal possessions for a story about the king of pop's lucrative legacy. Watch Lara Logan's report on Sunday, May 19 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

In life, Michael Jackson earned hundreds of millions and spent even more, accumulating an estimated half-billion dollars in debt towards the end of his life, when a tarnished image curtailed his earning power. In death, the King of Pop is doing just fine, however. He's never been more popular, with almost 60 million Facebook "friends," and music sales and business deals made by his estate have earned more than enough to repay his debt. Lara Logan reports on this unprecedented turnaround and gets a private tour of some of the personal items that meant the most to the late star for a 60 Minutes story to be broadcast Sunday, May 19 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

While the Jackson Estate amasses millions through The Michael Jackson Immortal Tour, an acrobatic performance to his music by Cirque Du Soleil, iTunes and album sales, his possessions sit in storage. Nobody knows what they are worth. It's anybody's guess at what they could bring at auction with the right people biding.

Karen Langford, a friend of Jackson's who worked with him since 1981, is the archivist for the Jackson estate. She takes Logan for a tour of a warehouse full of Jackson's memorabilia.

The tour begins, appropriately, with the Neverland sign sitting on the floor of the 20,000-foot warehouse. It once sat atop the gates to his famous compound that included an amusement park, zoo and his mansion.

Inside, Logan sees Grammy awards, a fleet of cars, antiques, video games, and some of the clothing he wore on stage. The sequined glove he wore on the Billie Jean Tour, worth an estimated $80,000, is kept in a safe on premises.

Other things may not have obviously high value but were priceless to the star, including the wooden rocking horse given to Jackson by one of his closest friends, Elizabeth Taylor. "To MJ, Love ET," reads the inscription.

The items will be stored until Jackson's children come of age and decide what they want to do with them. Meanwhile, the revenue machine that has taken in over $600 million since the entertainer's death in 2009 -- more than any other single living artist has earned over the period -- is predicted to hum along for many years to come.

Sunday evening after the program,, the 60 Minutes web show, will present an even deeper look into the memorabilia few have ever seen since Jackson's death.

I would love to own something of his. it will help me get closure.
Re: '60 Minutes' examines Michael Jackson stuff in Estate Warehouse

Who cares if he was in debt, he still had money and he could have sold all of this stuff and more and got out of debt. Either way, it all was MJ money that came from his hard work even the money the Estate is making is still MJ's money. He was worth it.
I would like to own something of his too, like a jacket that I would wear at least once a year. I will not buy it for an investment, but to wear it for my own pleasure. When I die that would be the end of it, so I would want to use it. All I have are the photos I enlarged to poster size.
Imagine being allowed to take your time and have a good look at everything in the warehouse. You could certainly die happy!
MJ Estate should preserve all this stuff and establish an MJ Museum.
Deffinitely all these amazing things should be displayed..., and preserved!

BTW, since when popularity has been measured by Facebook?
I admire this woman, Karen Langford, she has managed to stay out of the media. I didn't know her last name untill today.. She is an example of the many loyal people that ALSO worked for Michael, and who never did him any harm or tried to sue him.. she only helped to create his vision.. I know she didn't help him creatively.. but she did help him with business stuff.. glad to see that such a "good worker" is now in charge of his personal things, makes me feel good..
Lara Logan is a serious journalist. More than surprize she is doing this fluff piece. Hope this is not struggling 6o mins angle to report about WR allegations.
Since I live in Denmark I will not be able to see thit! :(

I really really hope someone will record it and upload it on Youtube!! - Looks amazing!!

Billie Jean Tour!! - :lol:

I've heard Thriller Tour many times when people talk about Victory Tour - But I've never heard Billie Jean Tour!! :lol:
Lara Logan is a serious journalist. More than surprize she is doing this fluff piece. Hope this is not struggling 6o mins angle to report about WR allegations.

afaik, CBS has always been pro-jackson..., isnt it?

My thoughts exactly! That's one museum I would love to visit

The thing is that there are 5 warehouses, fulfilled with the stuff, so yes, we can imagine how huge the collection is...,... the cars... geee and MTV showed us the cribs... :hysterical:
I hope we can watch it online the same day, I don't have that chanel that used to broadcast the CBS shows... *crossed fingers*

Oh, I felt so jealous when Lara touched the Billie Jean jacket, :rant: I can't wait to watch it. It seems it's gonna be amazing! :wild:
OMG :wild:
I would love to move into that warehouse, and I definately would live there happily ever after

Karen was wearing white cotton cloves when she was handling Michael's jacket :D

Can somebody record that program and post it here so we all can see it :yes:
The Billie Jean tour? Wow, 22 years of being a fan, having read about every inch of his life many times and yet somehow I must have overlooked the Billie Jean Tour.

And would someone please tell that woman not to touch Michael's stuff with her bare hands? I mean the guide had gloves on when touching the jacket!!!
Will not be able to watch in Turkey so an upload would be wonderful. Thank you.