Celebrating Michael on August 29th


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Starting this thread for everything happening around Mike's birthday


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A new MJ theme exhibition built around his classic lyrics is ready to welcome fans in Hangzhou, China! #CelebrateMichaelJackson #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/T4qAUFFUak— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 26, 2021

TWO DAYS TO GO!!!! #MJFAM we are having the Michael Jackson Party of the Summer in just 2 days time to celebrate the birthday of #MichaelJackson

Are You Ready?! 🎉 pic.twitter.com/w2OS2xqY6D— Kingvention (@kingvention) August 26, 2021

#MJFam donÂ’t forget this weekend @SmoothRadio will be counting down the Top 100 songs Michael could be number on his Birthday— Ian Sweeting (@IanSweeting1) August 26, 2021


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Yet another milestone! Just in time for his upcoming birthday, Michael JacksonÂ’s duet with me, “I Just CanÂ’t Stop Loving You”, achieves 100 Million streams on Spotify! Long live the #KingOfPop!#MichaelJackson #MJ #mjfam #moonwalkers #MJ4Ever #MJForever #MJKingOfPop #mjjcommunity pic.twitter.com/r32sYSirBJ— SIEDAH GARRETT (@SIEDAHGARRETT) August 25, 2021

Time zones for the attempt to trend. If your country is not on this list, please tweet to me and I will send you the start time for your country. https://t.co/3kwOieQG3z— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) August 27, 2021

I'm celebrating Michael Jackson all weekend long! 🎶#HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/h2t1ZotHdW— Victor ⚡️ (@_Flaazh) August 27, 2021


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How is everyone else celebrating tomorrow, I plan on showing the kids Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

plus I have made a playlist of songs to celebrate his 63rd birthday with 63 songs, I will have this on shuffle throughout the morning

I want you back
Who's Loving you
Never can say goodbye
Got to be there
With a child's heart
Music and Me
Dancing Machine
We're almost there
Show you the way to go
Goin' Places
Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
Bless His Soul
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
Get On The Floor
Rock With You
Sunset Driver
Heartbreak Hotel
Can you feel it
One Day In Your Life
Billie Jean 12"
Beat It
Human Nature
Say Say Say
Somebody's Watching Me
Farewell my summer love
State Of Shock 12"
Girl You're So Together
Torture 12"
The Way You Make Me Feel
Dirty Diana
Smooth Criminal Dance radio edit
Leave me Alone
Come Together Moonwalker Version
In the closet
She Drives Me Wild
Remember the time Silky Soul 12"
Black Or White House with Guitar Radio Mix
Who Is It
Will you be there
Someone put your hand out
You are not alone
Scream Louder
2 Bad
Earth Song
On The Line
Blood on the dance floor
Dangerous Roger's Dangerous Edit
Heaven Can Wait
You Rock My World
Whatever Happens
Xscape Original Version
Hold My Hand
Hollywood Tonight
Love Never Felt So Good


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Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett

Fun moments so far in Las Vegas with my beloved Myra Hissami! Being an associate member of Michael Jackson and the MJ estate for 30 years and his legacy - in celebration of his upcoming birthday this Sunday, I’ll be attending the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil “One” show during my stay! A special thanks to the Michael Jackson estate for the invite!! Hoping to see some of you there!!..JM ⭐️


We're celebrating Michael Jackson's birthday all week, with our awesome MJ pop-up station. All Michael's hits, hot remixes, plus covers by everyone from #BoyzIIMen to #TheWeeknd to #FallOutBoy. You can't beat it! Listen in at https://t.co/a8SIffvpbD pic.twitter.com/Ld8cLsHiev— Dash Radio (@dash_radio) August 23, 2021

What I love about Michael's Birth Day is that not only do we get to celebrate him, but we get to celebrate the friendships we've made because of him.

Looking forwarded to partying with these amazing people and so many more on Saturday @kingvention 😎 #CelebrateMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/6bbXX3DgoE— Pez Jax (@Pezjax) August 26, 2021


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When Prince saw Jillian, he said "You look like my sister!" lol. Ppl thought she was a @ParisJackson impersonator 😂, she truly didn't TRY to look like Paris. Even Big Al said "Your daughter looks like Paris, and I knew her as a child, she looks so similar to her" pic.twitter.com/N4N43V8AiY— Catherine C 1977🧜🏻*♀️ (@KathleenC1977) August 29, 2021

pic.twitter.com/LOPOEycYN6— Catherine C 1977🧜🏻*♀️ (@KathleenC1977) August 29, 2021

Bigi,Prince and Taj in Vegas to #CelebrateMichaelJackson at MJ One!! pic.twitter.com/om2TggQLaO— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 29, 2021

Team MJ reunion #CelebrateMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/Xm0KSuKZkP— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 29, 2021


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My friends from China with Prince Jackson at MJ ONE! #CelebrateMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/6vdnOFwPve— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 29, 2021

Asia's biggest water show in Xiamen, China knows how to pay tribute to the King #CelebrateMichaelJackson #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/MnxJxjwHJd— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 28, 2021

Happy Birthday King 👑❤️
You will be in our hearts forever!
We miss you, myth✨🥺
~from🇮🇷~#CelebrateMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/dDTsntEAXr— Narges (@Narges_kmj) August 29, 2021


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We love you MOST!#HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson #CelebrateMichaelJackson https://t.co/PykS3vnjuS— Wendy (@Wendyofmj) August 29, 2021

Thankyou @Vh1India for remembering @michaeljackson on his Birthday #MichaelJackson #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson #CelebrateMichaelJackson #KingofPop pic.twitter.com/6S6NdZ9FPY— Aryan Panwar (@aryanpanwar12) August 29, 2021

Se7en did a Graffiti Art piece to remember the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Happy Birthday 🎉#MichaelJackson #CelebrateMichaelJackson #KingOfPop #VR #VirtualReality #lurkforce #VRGamers #graffitiart @VrPancakes pic.twitter.com/11GoiO7XNz— Helixx vr (@Helixx_vr) August 29, 2021


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On this day in 1958, the brightest star in the sky was born. His Legacy will forever be preserved, generations after us will grow up knowing him, many to come will be influenced by him.

We, who grew up with him, will miss him forever. #CelebrateMichaelJackson #MichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/qjl0tbmgnq— Ika Ferrer Gotić (@IkaFerrerGotic) August 29, 2021

#CelebrateMichaelJackson #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson https://t.co/xgiQBNZeQT— Mr.JUSTICE (@MrJUSTICE167) August 29, 2021

You will always be the most powerful source of inspiration in my mind and soul. I miss you every day Michael. 🤍#HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson #CelebrateMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/4lgvfMHhdT— Marcos Cabotá (@MarcosCabota) August 28, 2021


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People of the world, today we #CelebrateMichaelJackson #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson We all love you very much @michaeljackson #MJFam https://t.co/pLqkD6ikUF— Lei Byrne (@smellyblanketLA) August 29, 2021

Happy Birthday to the King of Pop, #MichaelJackson. You came and you changed our worlds! WeÂ’ll always miss you. The MJCast. #HappyBirthdayMJ #MJFam #TheJacksons #JacksonFam pic.twitter.com/j5LNrnyteP— The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast (@TheMJCast) August 29, 2021

My photo of Michael giggling at his 45th Birthday party in 2003. He was shy to cut the cake so he got help. Then he took a bite and threw it into the audience. ❤️ Happy early birthday Michael. #Mjfam #Michaeljackson pic.twitter.com/IlvFEcdXUs— MJ-Upbeat (@BonnieLamrock) August 29, 2021

Yes, I stood there waiting for Taj so I could take a puc with him. I had no idea it was Big Al!! Someone told me and I went and spoke to Big Al. @tajjackson3 and @ThayanaScoJaxn 😃 Very happy to meet them, they were lovely pic.twitter.com/59EbR2tIf5— Catherine C 1977🧜🏻*♀️ (@KathleenC1977) August 29, 2021


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#CelebrateMichaelJackson Here we are outside if the theater. Prince is over there with the ponytail and the starbucks. pic.twitter.com/atW6Ib0f6E— Catherine C 1977🧜🏻*♀️ (@KathleenC1977) August 29, 2021

Chatting with @princemjjjaxon pic.twitter.com/qWVY8sGC2i— Catherine C 1977🧜🏻*♀️ (@KathleenC1977) August 29, 2021

What a night. @kingvention thanks so much for this. We needed it! #BurnThisDiscoOut #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/kZ21iMaJ0r— I.L.I.A. (@NotIliaMizani) August 29, 2021

Some songs just need you on the dancefloor... pic.twitter.com/0YFoRUixaw— Pez Jax (@Pezjax) August 28, 2021
To celebrate and pay tribute to Michael Jackson on his birthday, I produced an extensive YouTube review/retrospective of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on the SEGA Genesis and arcade system. Moonwalker the Video Game recently celebrated its 31st anniversary on August 24th.
I also provide regional differences/comparisons between the Japanese and North American versions and fun facts about the making of the game.

I also talk about Michael Jackson’s collaborations with SEGA and his various cameo appearances/musical contributions to video games.

On Location segments were recorded on June 25 2020 at the Warakuya Japanese Garden restaurant in Malaysia.
There were two Michael Jackson statues displayed at the entrance of the restaurant and the owner was nice enough to allow me to film the statues at the restaurant.

Please find attached the YouTube link to my review: [video=youtube;GxVxYrw_A2w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxVxYrw_A2w&feature=youtu.be[/video]

This video was a labor of love dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson.

If you haven’t played Moonwalker, I highly recommend you check it out!

Thanks and have a good weekend!


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Chris Brown via Instagram pic.twitter.com/hYcGBGr9jp— Cohiba 🌹 (@Cohiba42794785) August 29, 2021

#HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson I hope u feel loved❤️ https://t.co/DY7KNYChyP— Make that CHANGE (@MJInspires) August 29, 2021

Happy Birthday, Michael 💜 I can never repay you for all the music, lessons and inspiration. You got me through the hardest moments in my life and I'll love you forever. All hail the King! #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson #MichaelJackson #HappyBirthdayMJ #KingOfPop pic.twitter.com/cVeeig2SFe— casey rain aka s-endz (@CaseyRain) August 29, 2021

Fans in Shenzhen, China did a flash mob dance to celebrate #MichaelJackson birthday! #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/3JuEiD5D13— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 29, 2021


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Desde Ecuador directo a Forest Lawn ... Feliz cumpleaños celestial mi hermoso Peter Pan 🌻❤ pic.twitter.com/hVx5WKvAes— Andrea (@Andrea90047643) August 29, 2021

Still missing the legendary #KingOfPop! Wishing a very happy heavenly birthday to the one and only #MichaelJackson! WhatÂ’s your favorite MJ track, #Soulmates! pic.twitter.com/nKhHlYDnLl— FOX SOUL (@foxsoultv) August 29, 2021

For all time 🖤#MichaelJackson #CelebrateMichaelJackson #michaeljacksonbirthday pic.twitter.com/PmceYkRdR0— somechaptersOfme (@some_chapters) August 29, 2021


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I couldn't get on here yesterday...Happy Birthday in Heaven Michael.. You will be Forever Loved, Forever Missed, and Forever Cherished.. ❤️ Thank you for sharing yourself, Your Heart, and your Talent with the world.


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Fans are celebrating Michael Jackson's birthday on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. https://t.co/I83c48b3a6— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) August 30, 2021

Happy Heavenly Birthday 🕊 #MJFOREVER pic.twitter.com/dtnhPUUmcN— The Jacksons (@Jacksons) August 30, 2021

Happy Birthday my brother.— Brett Barnes 🖤✊🏽 (@IAmBrettBarnes) August 30, 2021

#HappyBirthdayMichealJackson , Chinese fans have sent our birthday flowers to the Forest Lawn. Thank you Jody La Benon for helping and those who took pictures! pic.twitter.com/I41GvnT1sq— Keen Zhang (@mkgenie) August 29, 2021


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Today would have been the 63rd birthday of #michaeljackson. I love you my friend rest and know their will Never Be Another Like YOU!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #happyheavenlybirthday pic.twitter.com/th8rHzLGwR— Stephanie Mills (@PrettyMill1) August 29, 2021

Rip 🕊 wouldÂ’ve been @michaeljackson 63 bday today , forever grateful I got to rock out a lot of amazing tracks with him .. almost 12 years ago now ..IÂ’m also grateful for the dear friends I made during that time @michaelbearden @judithgloryhill @jmoffettmjm ❤️💫⚡️✨ pic.twitter.com/jTKBxsbygt— orianthi (@orianthi) August 29, 2021

Happy Birthday to my Forever and Heavenly brother @michaeljackson! We celebrated you this weekend among friends and family!! Love and MISS YOU!!!! ❤️ pic.twitter.com/fkcC7r4Rdd— Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett (@jsugarfootm) August 29, 2021

Thank you for always empowering me. Thank you for always inspiring me. Thank you for always being there. I love you and miss you so much Uncle Michael. 🙏🏽🤍 #greatestUncle #MichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/JdIuvgdSfN— TJ Jackson (@tjjackson) August 29, 2021


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I absolutely love this!!!! #MichaelJackson tribute at Forest Lawn! https://t.co/097SiXrcap— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) August 29, 2021

"Mere words could never truly describe his singular greatness." #HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson https://t.co/lRHpEsC93L— andjustice4some (@andjustice4some) August 29, 2021

Over 240,000 likes on Instagram https://t.co/usiM4wOpq0 @NaomiCampbell Still Loving her some #MichaelJackson pic.twitter.com/A5h4fWNNKG— MJJJusticeProject #1Billion4MJ (@MJJJusticePrjct) August 30, 2021

"If you want to know why, there's a love that cannot lie" To be a part of next years Tribute Ads for Michael, follow @4everLvngMsngMJ - There are two annually, June25th / Aug29th- Pls share this information with anyone you know who would like to be part of this.❤️ pic.twitter.com/HXJHcCEvXR— MJJJusticeProject #1Billion4MJ (@MJJJusticePrjct) August 30, 2021

#HappyBirthdayMichaelJackson With LoVe 🤍 https://t.co/zAEdxqVfYy— MJHealTheWorld 4EVER♥️ (@Freedom_Thay) August 30, 2021