Coroners Report released - GRAPHIC CONTENT (Threads merged)

Majestik said it...

Reporter: MJ was worth more dead?
Majestik: Exactly.

This is one BIG conspiracy theory. And every single person will get away with it. No matter how loud us fans are. Fuck the American justice system.

Our Michael is gone. Katherine's & Joe's son is gone. Paris, Prince & Blanket's Father is gone.
As far as I know there are none, just very detailed descriptions of what went on, which some of us find hard to read. If you wouldn't want to read something like that, then please, don't open it.

Thank you. Yes, actually I'm sensitive when it's about that, but I think the lack of medical vocabulary will help me to just understand the half of it. I'll take just a quick look, it's too hard to imagine it's about our Michael :cry:
Four years maximum!
There is simply no way of us saying what will happen if Murray gets away with it. Michael is gone. Murray is lookin at a seriously short term sentence or even probabtion OR even NOTHING.

Doctor Conrad Murray killed Michael Jackson and hes got away with it.
I don't think I want to read it. :no: Some of the posts in this thread are hard enough to read.
Guys, do you realize that with such a report of coroner and the trial and accusations, Michael was/is totally and absolutely the most humiliated person who has ever lived?

When he was alive, there was nothing more humiliating than accusations of child molestations and all the dirty and filthy and unsavoury details and accusations and fake stories in tabloid, and now... Michael is totally and detailed dissected in front of the world and media and people...
Every detail is out there, people around the world can read the most private affairs of a human being...

This is the total humiliation. No dignity.

i understand that. it hurts and destroys my soul
I agree wholeheartedly, the fact that it's legal to expose these intimate details to the public, when most of it shouldn't even be told to the family, amazes me. Makes me believe that Michael truly was too good for this world, but even with that said, it just saddens me how we can all read this, it saddens me that we are reading his *censored*ing autopsy report instead of how last night's show went....Like, what the f**k happened? :cry:

Your posts was so true and heartbreaking!:(:bugeyed
one little tidbit: the last page mentions the second autopsy (family autopsy) as well.
Ephedrine was found in urine only. It does not stay in blood too long. It has to be a warning sign for investigators because propofol and ephedrine cannot be given together.
The question is how come that ephedrine was in his system?
But looks like officials do pay attention to this fact.
First of all, this day was terrible for me, I was phisically sick, and mentally destroyed. I did watch Murray and read the autopsy because I want to know and because I don't care about my well being anyway.

Some of you asked about the level of propofol, it says the level is for major surgery such as abdominal surgery and that at those levels you require intubation (artificial breathing) and constant monitoring. How is this involuntary????

Also, the hemorrage is due to rescue efforts.
For years they called him a pedophile, and after the execution of over 100 search warrants, nothing could be found to prove it.

For years they called him a drug addict, and now here is an autopsy report that proves that he wasn't.

They started saying he could no longer sing, and "This Is It" has proven that he still could. This type of stuff just went on and on and on.

They made him live a life of total scrutiny and nothing that they were looking for was there to be found. NONE OF IT!!!

Now they all can go back to their miserable lives...they're own miserable SECRET lives.

Michael Jackson's final destination is Heaven.

Their final destination is Hell.

nothing else can be added to this
guys tell me please howc long is 69 inches? i do not understand inches...
This also says that Murray found MJ not breathing at 12 (according to the detective) ??????

About the amount of propofol : the time of death is not stated. It just says he was asystolic when the paramedics arrived (his heart not beating).
Could this be a problem in calculating the dose of propofol that was actually given ?? The body would have stopped metabolising the drug (I hope it makes sense ) when his heart stopped beating, the thing is we don't really know when that happened.
There were bruises on his chest......hmmm.....

I think someone pinned him down by force.
Think thats about 5ft 8. or 158cm-ish

Yeah isn't that like 5' 7.5" or so? I always assumed he was taller... must have been the shoes...

There were bruises on his chest......hmmm.....

I think someone pinned him down by force.

He would have had all sorts of issues with his chest... those big firefighters and paramedics would have been taking turns doing cpr... which is now 30 compressions for ever 2 breaths.... would have caused bruising/markings/ and the broken ribs and sternum/ and issues with stomach too I think.
Wouldn't the bruising on his chest be from the excessive CPR?
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Re: Coroners Report released

depends on which of murrays stories u go with first timeline he finds him at 11 doesnt ring 911 till after 12 15. second timeline he finds him around midday. yes the medics were kept at the house for 45 mins or so

Exactly! The very fact that there are 2 ''stories'' of events to this whole sorry tragic scenario says alot. Agree? :(

The truth is the truth. Which is it?? :doh: