Dangerous Tour Leotard - Love it or hate it

Dangerous Tour Leotard - Love it or hate it

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Only he was able to pull it off.
I remember seeing it for the first time and I was like ''What the f_ Michael?:eek::blink: :bugeyed'', but then when I got used to it I was more like '' oh Michael you nasty :woohoo:...''


i love it
I loved it. It was different and unique and he looked good in it. It showed off the lines of his body. I did not stare at it or get distracted at it because usually I concentrate more on his face when he performs and then his moves. I would not expect him to wear something similar to Bad or History tours. One of the reason I love Michael is because he does different things and is innovative. Therefore, I would not expect him to go back to a former, explored costume idea. I loved it and I love Gold Pants Too--both for different reasons.
I don't love it or hate it. I'm "meh" about it and I always will be.
I love it....but only on MJ. No one else could pull that off.
Although, the back of it looked rather uncomfortable....major wedgie!! :lol:
love it! it's next to the Bad tour outfit for tops in my (male) eyes
I remember back in the 90's when I was a kid I thought what's with the back part, but now I don't mind ;)
Love it! it'd look ridiculous on any other man....even a woman....but Michael, as always, can pull anything off!
I like it. It would be better without the thong, though. xD

The HIStory outfit is, by far, the coolest one. In my opinion, anyway.
. I just explane it is very simular to a traditional fencing uniforml


I just say it was influenced from it etc.. people just don't care.. lol!

Yeah, it remember me a fencing uniform! hahahaha

I love it. The only strange thing is the ''back-down''. hahahaha But still is funny.
I don't think it suits him at all, it isn't his style or anything. I think it was supposed to be worn under the trousers, like the bad tour jacket, that has a thongy bit just so it dont come untucked.
I'm sorry I know it's mean to say this but whenever I see the thong I just want to cover my face and giggle madly in embarrassment, it's not a great outfit in my opinion. So I'm afraid I went with "hate it" (sorry to the people who love it!)