Do you believe in life after death?

Do you believe in life after death?

  • Yes I do

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  • No, I'm afraid when you die that's the end.

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  • I don't know, I try not to think about it too much

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MIST;3076328 said:
I know your mind can leave your body.
I was in a car-accident years ago.The car was standing on it´s roof for some seconds but I never felt I was hanging uppside down.But I saw myself hanging uppside down.It was so quick and I thought my mind just making it up.Noone was hurt in the accident.

Later I read a book written by a doctor who made interviews with patients who had been close to death.Actually they would have been dead if the doctors hadn´t saved them.
THe patients could tell that their mind left their body and they could describe what the personnel was doing.
The doctor could read the journals and it was like the patients told him.
There was a patient who mentioned a detail that wasn´t in the journal but when the doctor talked to personnel who had been there they could confirm it.

Glad you're alright, made it and live to tell the story. It's one of those things that many people need to experience one way or another before it becomes "real".

I stood on that "edge" once and came back and that alone gave me great hope and it taught me that we do not need to fear.
I remember it too and it is just to precious for words to have felt that secure that yes, we do go on.

At this point in this life it's not even a "belief" anymore, it's a knowing for me personally. I'm not sure I could handle this as a belief, even if from an innate instinct deep down somewhere. It just is.

I also personally do not believe in a life after death- but in the existence beyond death. Death being part of life. Technically I would joke that life after death would be reincarnation...
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Yes, I believe we go to heaven. Also as much as some people say that evidence suggests there isn't, I read an interesting article about how some doctors believed there must be an afterlife being that so many people who have "died" and were resuscitated have reported the same thing...a long tunnel with a light at the end with an unknown entity telling them it's not their time yet. Granted this could be seen as something that a person believes happened because they've heard it from others or seen it on tv etc BUT the reason doctors believed it could be true was due to children younger than 5, who in general have no awareness of death and many of whom had not been exposed to any sort of religion reporting the exact same thing.
I believe that at death, we cease to exist. We have no memories, no thoughts, we are like in a deep sleep. But I do believe in the resurrection hope. So in that instance, I believe there is the possibility to live again after death. :)
I don't know how I would be able to live my life, this short, faulty life if it weren't for an eternal, hopefully good one subsequent to it. Life after death is either heaven or hell. There can't be heaven only, otherwise souls like Hitler's for instance will all have a chance, and we could all do whatever we want in this life: fornicate, hate at will, kill etc... We see evil already here, which may cause some to think that this is the living hell we live, then we'll go to heaven, which is erroneous.

I'm not sure whether when we pass, we sleep until Resurrection Day or not. I've heard and read conflicting stories and I don't know what to believe. I always hear phrases like "I know he/she is up there in heaven watching us." That's what confusing me. Where would souls go, would they wander until the final day comes?... What hurts the most, though, is the carefreeness of many in this life. Living your life and being God-fearing at the same time, like there are consequences to your actions, is the way to live.
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Well I don't plan to just "vanish" after I die...............

.........As Schwarzenegger often remarked, "I'll Be Back!"!!!!!!
I am convinced there is. I can't comprehend that that is the end of us. Never.
at the end of the day ppl believe what makes them feel better. regardless of anything else. logic facts etc etc. who knows. i look forward to finding out. even more so now.
I always questioned these things. Is there... is there not? I was always doubtful. No matter who told me there WAS I told myself that such things were too good to be true and just not possible. But, now with Michael gone. I can't possibly even fathom the notion that a person so beautiful and so wonderful... can cease to exist. He makes me want to believe that there really is a place somewhere where all the spirits or souls ago. After he passed, I couldn't just imagine that you just die and THAT'S IT. Especially not with Michael. All I can say, is that he made me not afraid to die...
I don't believe. It's kind of hard to think that when we die we will live somewhere else.
Um well growing up I went through very different emotions and thoughts about religion and life after death. I was raised as a Jehovahs Witness then stopped when I was 13. I just grew tired of organised religion. Then I went through a brief stage of atheism and felt when we died that was it. Then I became agnostic when I started assesing what was around me and thought 'well I think there is something and think there is some God but dont know what' and I remained that way pretty much until Michael passed. Michael's passing raised many questions and made me think about things in a whole new light. Michael was just so so so special and I cant get my head around the world being blessed by someone like that if there was no God. I looked at the world in a whole new way, the trees, flowers, the moon, and the stars, and thought 'how could this be a product of just evolution. And I can feel Michael all around and have encountered too many instances that have just freaked me out at Michael events. So yes. Now I do believe in God and life after death. I just dont believe that when we die that's it.
Wow, some of you guys' answers are amazing..
I do believe. I also couldn't stand the fact that Michael could just be...gone. Not somebody that special.
I don't believe. I can't... I think about the heaven only in the context of his death. I would like to believe Michael is now in the better place but it's so hard :( I'm missing him so much...
I don't know. I hope there is... Lots of crazy Michael-related things have happened to me the past year... Makes you think there must be something... Or is it just my mind playing tricks? I really don't know...
I don"t know. I think about these things a lot. I are live and just die.
But we are all quitte the same ; all living creatures on this planet, aren"t we ?
Flowers, animals, humans ? We all have a body and a mind and feelings and emotions.
I a not bringing Michael into this, because it is too painful for me.
Do we just stop to exist ?!
But there are so many stories about strange expiriences.
I had a closest friend in the world who died 7 years ago. :(
I dream about him and we talk. We were best friends for 20 years and I thought he would contact me in some way. Are the dreams a way ?
As much as it interests me...I hate to talk about death. It scares me.
Yes. I believe that physical death is not the end.
I don't believe. I can't... I think about the heaven only in the context of his death. I would like to believe Michael is now in the better place but it's so hard :( I'm missing him so much...

That's really so sad... :( Please, turn to God, He's the only one that can really save you..

It's unbelievable how many don't believe in the life after or only in Heaven...

It's like, many can say "Well, everybody believes in what it makes them feel better"... That is pure ignorance, I don't care how this sounds. I'm not offending anybody, since I'm not forcing a specific religion down their throats. This is not like choosing to believe in one person or another, or some ideology. How can a human being exist without God? How can all the incurable evil not be punished by a Higher Force? How do miracles in life happen? For they do, really. Including beautiful things. How did the universe get created? By means of the Big Bang? Often, Science is futile and deliberately puzzling.

Since we're on a Michael forum, at least think about how he managed to survive all these despite all the hell he's been through. He's been through hell and back and he testified how God helped him every time, and that's not make-belief. Don't get swallowed in darkness. That is what people get for not believing in God.

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No after-life whatsoever to me. I remember s/o told me, "You have one (and only one) life to live, so live it the best way you can. (Because you wont have chance to fix your stupid if any...)"
i don't know.. logic tells me no..when your brain shuts off, that's it.. but i hope there is

it scares me to think of death.

i get a strange feeling when i think about it..
What if those lives that we live are actually a llife after death? What if we have alredy died. Kind of makes me think about the man dreaming the butterfly, or was it the butterfly dreaming it was the man? lol
Do you believe in life after death?

This question more likely, is there God or not?

That's when faith is non-existent. Lots of humans always wanting to see to believe.

Doubting Thomases...

Exactly.. being faithful makes no sense for proving something. We have to prove ourselves as a faithful persons prior everlasting liberty. This is the most fair way that i thought.
That's when faith is non-existent. Lots of humans always wanting to see to believe.

Doubting Thomases...

It might exist but it has not been proven to me. As a consequence, i do not believe in it. A part of me hopes it exists. It's called being realistic my friend. :)