Do you suppose MITM from TII would have sounded like this?


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Jul 25, 2011
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So I missed the original airing of this from Lopez Tonight and decided to finally check it out on youtube. As I was listening I wondered if MITM would have sounded something like this, or do you suppose they rehearsed a different version or revised it than what we heard on TII. Your thoughts.

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Had not seen this performance before, thanks for posting it! The band sounds great here (great guitar work especially, I love it).

The TII arrangement of MITM always stood out to me because it had a heavier gospel flavor and a slightly more melancholic sound than MITM had in the past. Although it is one of the saddest tracks for me to listen to, I do absolutely love it. I especially love the transition that starts with the second chorus and culminates in the 'nanana, nanana' part. The former, with the intense gospel organ and horns always triggers the imagery of climbing a mountain for me. When the "if you wanna make the world, a better place, take a look at yourself and make that...." line is punctuated with "CHANGE" , it sounds like the top of the mountain has been reached - that very simple, spacious synth that kicks in always makes me think of having completed the journey to the top and taking in and being in awe of the beauty that is all around. In line with the message of the song, it makes me feel like we can all change ourselves - it might be a struggle not unlike climbing a mountain to get to that point, but once we do, the world will be a more beautiful place for all of us.

To get back to your question (sorry for going slightly offtopic), although the gospel emphasis is also present in this performance (no horns though..), it actually reminds me more of the Dangerous Tour/Brunei concert versions than the performance in the TII film did. It sounds more like a hybrid between all those versions. I too wonder what the TII version would have ended up sounding like though... It would have been massively inspiring, that's for sure. :)