Elton John!!!!

Elton John is really good. His classic albums from the 70s are the best, though; I don't really care for his recent material.

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road are my favorite albums. :)


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I love Elton John's music.


I tried to look for Sacrifice but the quality on YT is horrible, its one of my fave. I also like Your Song, candle in the wind, I Guess That's Why they Call it the Blues..there are so many great songs.


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I remember seeing this video quite a bit on Friday Night Videos or something and wondering how did they hook up, lol. Millie never crossed over to pop radio, she was mainly popular in the 1970s and later did a few urban stage plays.


I love Elton's music.


his unreleased duet with janet is the BOMB!

Huhh? Say dat again?


I distinctly remember this vid comin' on the vh1 really late at night a few summers ago right after i was mentionin' somethin' about Maria Antoinette and her mom lol

Oh yesss, tonight and every night. So much so it scares me :)

Another day i live for is the one when i get to tell everybody (most of all my folks) about my many songs, not just this 1

Was born ready :p

Can't really say how much this tune means to me; during one of my many flights last year i had this on repeat and the tears wouldn't stop fallin'; thankfully, the people next to me were kind and polite enough to leave me alone

My favorite Elton track: "The One"

Mine as well :)

Elton John, you rock Sir!!!!! *chapeau bas*


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I enjoyed the film Rocketman so much, and I love Elton John's music. However, he seemed to go out of his way to distance himself from Michael Jackson in his autobiography Me.

He described Michael as "a disturbing person" and "genuinely mentally ill."

Reading that book would not give you the impression that he tried to help Michael in the early 90s, and that he used to revere his talent. Elton's mention of Michael Jackson was so disappointing as it just seemed like he wanted to save himself and make himself look like he was more talented than Michael Jackson all along.

I am surprised that there is no thread about the rewriting of history that Elton engaged in regarding Michael Jackson.

Does anyone have any articles that show how Elton used to be more positive about Michael Jackson?

I did a search on Google and was dismayed to find that it is difficult to find proof that actually Elton John tried to help Michael go through rehab and he used to speak only positively about him as most people did prior to the allegations in 93.
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