European Jackson Event afermovie & statement


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Jul 25, 2011
Dear Jackson fans,

This is it! With great pride, we present you the long awaited aftermovie for the European Jackson Event 2014.

Unfortunately, the EJE2014 will also be the last Jackson event. With our deepest regrets, we must inform you of the fact that the number of visitors have been steadily declining over the years. We're positive you will understand that without sufficient visitors, it will be impossible to organize events of this scale. As prices have been ever increasing, it is now even impossible to provide fans with an original line-up of tribute artists without having a large sum of money at our deposit.

In plain words: We are unable to provide you with the things we would love to see. This is why we have decided to stop organizing events after our 14 year legacy.

We would like to seize this moment to thank everyone who has helped us in these 14 years. It would be impossible to name every single person, but we would still like to thank two persons that have contributed to our events in an immense way: Peter and Nelly van Gelder - thank you ever so much!

All the best,
~ the Jackson Event team
Such a shame, things we all held dear are all but gone :(
Too bad thijzz, cause i really enjoyed the party.. I had a great time, met one of my best friends and have nice memories.

Thank you for that!
Sorry to hear that, Thijs, though it is not totally unexpected. Although I enjoyed the event in April and thought the organization was once again excellent, it did feel obvious (to me at least) that a certain spark was missing, especially compared to previous events - and I guess that's somewhat understandable. As sad as it is, it makes sense that it is just not worth it this way for you, both financially and timewise.

Thanks for all the events you and your crew organized throughout the years. I have good memories of them, especially EJE 2005 and, for different reasons, the event in Best and the This Is It premiere in 2009!
^^ not if we refuse to let that be the case :) Just because one chapter has ended doesn't mean the book has.