Exclusive Q&A with Timmo aka Blackenise

This January, MJJC started a Brand New competition on our forum that would spark interest and inspiration in the hearts of video makers around the world. The MJJC 2009 Video Competition began last month to an overwhelming response. Forty Three unique videos were submitted by YouTube MJ fans from all over and whittled down to a Final Ten! After a week of voting from the fans visiting MJJCommunity.com, Blackenise was crowned our first-ever Video Competition Champion. So, how does it feel?

"Thank you very much to all voters again! My aim was simply to be a part of the competition, that was my primary aim," Timmo aka Blackenise told us.

He says it is hard to explain when we asked him what the main focus behind the video was. Was there a particular direction he had planned out?

"I just let it out and I wanted to include those sound pieces and in some kind of way realized that we will never really know Michael, he will always be...larger than life!", he says.

Through this Timmo explored the areas of the Michael we all know and admire; the performer, the artist, his fantastic dancing ability, the creation of epic short films as music videos, the way he tackles his work, and additionally the pressure he faces each time he undertakes a new project.

Indeed within the fan base, Michael has a profound impact on the fan's creative work by providing much inspiration, especially through times where he was faced with personal and legal problems and has grown stronger, as Timmo told us.

"I always liked Michael Jackson's music but never really listened to it clearly. After the trial, I listened to it more and more and it never stopped. I learned that he is so misunderstood and started to realize that he's one of the most talented and blessed/cursed (sadly) people on this planet. Basically what inspires me is that he has put a lot of work into his music and I really feel that. I never get tired of listening to Michael Jackson, never ever! He's a wonderful human being. He is just great!!"

Video making has become a popular hobby over the last few years and was taken to another level with the birth of YouTube. Timmo told us about how he got into it.

"I can remember my very first tries in video making. It was with Windows Moviemaker. With time, I'm growing and improving. When I first saw other videos from guys making MJ movies I kinda thought, wow that's cool."

Timmo also recalled his very first effort in video editing.

"I can remember my very first MJ remix video I made using an MJ remix that a friend of mine did. I created the video with Moviemaker." he laughs and says that this was a very basic video and that he doesn't have it anymore.

"Then I started to spend more time constructing the videos as I really wanted to create something unique, that nobody had on YouTube."

We spoke further about future projects and Timmo has ensured us that when the time is right, work will begin on the next project. We want to send our congratulations to Blackenise once again for winning the 1st ever MJJC TV 2009 Video Competition.

You can see more of Blackenise's work at http://www.youtube.com/user/Blackenise89