Favourite Off the Wall song

What is your favourite Off the Wall song?

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don't stop till you get enough,
Then Rock with you, workin day n night, off the wall, get on the floor, and oh she's out if my life... But I also odors burn this disco out and like its the falling in love, I can't help it and girlfriend.... Ups I think I just mentioned all of them. Thief the wall, it's just a classic aNd amazing lbum...
I love them all but Rock With You is probably my favourite,theres something about it that I fall in love with everytime I hear it :D
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. One of my favourite MJ songs.
My second favorite album ever, and the songs are ageless.
My favorite album. It's timeless still sounds fresh and i never grow tired hearing it. Hard to pick a fav song though. I guess rock with you then dont stop then i cant help it they are all great tunes. To me
i guess its just the pure joyfulness of michaels voice on rwy thats so powerful and intoxicating. Every single time i listen i am transported, i smile my heart feels light and for those few moments i dont have a care in the world cause michael wants to rock with ME ! ! ! ; )
I love Off The Wall, a really groovy album, I can't sit and listen to it!! Rock With You is my favourite, just a little bit more than Working Day And Night :)
If I had to single out one song it would be Its the Falling in Love. certain parts of that song...well..lets just say,,drive me :wub:
Nothing can beat Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough. 2nd favourite, Get on the floor
I voted DSTYGE...that guitar/drums outro is AMAZING and I just LOVE his ad libs throughout the whole damn thing...the INTRO...Aaaaah, he makes me crazy in a very good way. :cheeky:
DSTYGE, Rock With You, I Can't Help It went with Off The Wall one of my favourites and one of Michael's most underatted tunes
I posted to this thread yesterday. I have no idea why it wasn't approved.

But since it wasn't...

My favorite songs off of the "Off The Way" album are Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock With You, Working Day and Night, Off The Wall, I Can't Help It and Burn This Disco Out .

I love the entire album. But since I had to choose (which isn't fair by the way) there you have it!

Oh! I voted for I Can't Help It. I could listen to that song constantly.
^ Nice post but you you made a lil typo in the album name. :giggle:

"Like A Trip To Heaven
Heaven Is The Prize
And I'm So Glad I Found You Girl
You're An Angel In Disguise"
I chose Get on the Floor but Off the Wall, I can't Help it and It's the Falling in Love come super close, all the songs are amaziiiiing though :wub: