Feeling very worried... :(


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May 31, 2013
I wanted to post something important to me, in this thread, because for me, it's been bothering me for the past few days, even though I sometimes try my absolute best not to think about it too much & I really don't know why its gotten me emotional worrying about it... :cry::cry:

But this is about my 2nd fave male singer Richard Marx who I recently fell head over heels for/developed a big crush on, since i think still think he's quite handsome for his age, & who was popular in the LATE '80s with the famous mullet hair, with hits like "Right Here Waiting" "Endless Summer Nights" "Until I Find You Again" etc.
Well, as of lately, I've been really concerned about him because of a picture of him that I saw just recently which he posted on his Instagram page
To me, he has lost quite a bit of some weight at age 50
He's just looking MUCH TOO thin in my humble opinion...therefore some of his fans are also worried about him as well, & one particular fan thinks that it could be through some sort of emotional pain that he could be going through, but i'm not 100% sure, who knows...

He has mentioned that he has NOT eaten any meat since he was probably 18 yrs old, I would say for the most part & I believe that eating meat is where you get your protein which is very important, but in his case, the way he gets his is through the protein bars that he eats
Here's a video of where he discusses about it from a Q&A session that he does sometimes on YT & it starts at around 5:03 and goes all the way through til about 6:00

And here's a pic of him that looks very recent & I'd like to ask your opinion on whether you think he looks a little bit too thin, based on the pic I've posted below

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Indeed, he slimmed quite a bit.
Have you voiced your opinion about this to anyone or even to him in that matter if there is a way to 'contact' Richard Marx?

Worrying about it solves nothing though. Takes away your time to shine!

I think, its already brave of you to post this thread. The only thing you can do is try to contact him and voice your concern and there must a forum or a fan base where you can voice your worry.

Most important is... don't bottle it up and HOPE for the BEST!

Take care,

@Daryll748: I did voice my concern about it not long ago on his personal Facebook page, which he has & he keeps in touch with his fans from time to time through posting YT videos, through FB, he uses Twitter, even though he mostly only follows people he personally knows on Twitter, occasionally, he thumbs up fans comments from when they comment on some of his pics that he ends up posting on his FB page & the funny thing was, he did actually thumbs up my very comment along with 18 other fans, which was this directly since I voiced my concern as soon as I saw the photo itself:

"Hey sweety! I hope you have a great weekend yourself as well, however, when I noticed this pic of you, I still thought it looked good & don't take what i'm about to say the wrong way, but had me pretty concerned to the point where I was almost in tears & I'm not kidding...hope you're ok...please take care of yourself...this is coming from a fan who truly cares...YOU ARE THE BEST & as I always say: I LOVE YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER"

Also, another fan of RM, said this & I kinda have to agree with her comment too for the most part:
"I think he is reaching out to his fans for comfort. Something dear to his heart is causing him pain. It really shows in his eyes. The joy and vitality that we are so used to seeing is gone."

I at first thought about voicing my concern again possibly through a YT video for Richard as a message, but I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good idea or not...
That's sweet of you to post this message and kind of him to 'thumbs it up'. To me, it means he appreciates it!
We all have our crosses to bare and it doesn't matter if you're famous or not but I like the fact that he found 'comfort' in your and other fans messages.
Sometimes, personal battles need to be fought on your own but with the knowledge you have 'back up' in the form of friends and fans.

I think it's better to show him :heart and support. :agree:

Michael didn't like that we worried too much about him too :blush: