Game of Thrones


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Mar 19, 2019
(I know that's an HBO production but they have lots of good shows so it's hard for me to boycott them...) Are any Game of Thrones fans here? Who else is looking forward to the final season? I can't wait and I'm busy with to rewatch all 7 seasons again. Each day 1 episode till April 14th.
I'm a massive fan. Also read all the books years before the TV show.

Any other MJ fans who are GoT fans?
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George RR Martin is a literary genius. Unfortunately, the show Game of Thrones has not really captivated me as much as I had hoped and the writing is awfully rushed. The actions of the characters make no sense anymore. There are some really great youtube channels about GoT and ASOIAF, however.

I particularly love Ideas of Ice and Fire and The Order of the Green Hand.

Here we go! What do Michael's son and nephew have to say about Game of Thrones?

I'm boycotting Game of Throne from HBO. I will only watch for free at some hack website so HBO won't get any money from me.
Fantastic until Season 5. Went progressively downhill from there.


Was it in season 4 where Arya gets into that faceless temple? That was really bad in every possible way.

Funny how people only point to the final season as being bad, while at the same time enjoying season 7 which was just as horrible.
Didn't read the books but I can imagine those people got screwed even more.
If you really want good insight into the series, go lurk on the "official" forum;

Those guys talk about some seriously intense stuff, I've learned a ton from them.