Gary, Indiana Hard Rock Casino

Nantucket Cat

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Mar 8, 2019
Yesterday I went to the new (just opened on Friday, and Tito and Marlon were there for that) Hard Rock Casino in Gary, and they have a whole room dedicated to the Jackson family, in addition to plenty of other Jackson 5 and MJ-related stuff throughout the rest of the place. I'm currently having trouble uploading the pics I took, but along with the Jackson room (which has a display for each of the children, plus one for Joe and Katherine), they had a Beat It jacket, glove, a pair of Michael's loafers, and outfits worn by Michael and Janet. Something else really interesting is the giant guitar outside is a replica of Joe's guitar that Tito played and broke the string. (Plus they have that actual guitar on display inside.) The cafe also has an exclusive chicken sandwich called "The Triumph" that was developed by Marlon, Tito, Jackie, and Jermaine.

I'd say there were plenty of MJ fans there when I went; I wore a Beat It jacket to the casino (so if anyone here happened to be there yesterday and saw someone wearing that, it was me!), and it was a huge hit with lots of people there.

In case anyone hasn't seen the video of the guitar smashing, here it is!