Gettin' 2 Know Each Other Game

I have seen a lot of really good movies. But some of the best movies I have ever seen are some of my most favorite Bollywood movies. Like:

Dhoom 2
Om Shanti Om

These I think are some of the most greatest Bollywood movies that were ever made. Especially the movie Raincoat. OMG that has to be one of the best romantic Bollywood movie ever made. And I have always hated romance movies until I have seen Bollywood romance movies.

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Forrest Gump
Buffalo Soilder
City of God
The Green Mile

5 things you dont leave the house without??
my favorite art work is this one:


by Salvador Dali

and yours?
^ I love Starry Night, too. I saw some Van Gogh pieces at the National Gallery a few days ago :wub:

I like chicken and sweetcorn LOL.

Can you play the piano?
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no, I can't :)

have you tried pizza with fresh tomato and feta cheese? :D
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Quite a few things actually.

Are you the jealous type?
not really :) naturally, I can be jealous, when I am in love :) but not too much :)

do you like lions?
I think it is never hopeless, and sometimes it takes tragedy to turn things around. I would rather see people helping each other through a difficult time than see everyone consumed by greed, and unable to reach out to help another because we are stuck in a "perfect" life where we cannot understand anothers suffering.

What do you think of many women all feeling lovey and romantic towards one man? Is it not weird?
One man who? You don't know who I am talking about??? Of course I am talking about the one and only ........

Drum roll please...

Johnny Depp.

Yeah I like to type. It's easier to think when typing instead of talking for some reason. Though it wasn't that way when I was learning to type.

If you could meet someone who had your exact personality, how would they make you feel? Do you think you'd be best friends? Greatest enemies? Would they get on your nerves? Would you be bored? ...
how exact exactly ? :unsure: if they would be exactly like me 100% i'd just freak out i guess lol i'd desperately try to find even the slightest difference on anything just to prove that we're not clones of each other :lol: and if i didnt find anything i guess i would just stay as far from them as possible.

do u like jazz and if so whos ur fave jazz musician ?
ooooh that's tough. But I loves me some Cary today I'm picking him. Tomorrow might be a diff answer tho. hehe

Out of all the deadly sins, which one do you consider the greatest and which one do you find yourself committing the most?
Psalm 23.

When was the last time you were in a Cathedral with stained glass windows?
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Saturday at my nephews baptism. :)

What do you prefer attending an indoor or outdoor wedding?
Depends. Sometimes the church thing is a beautiful thing and other times the outdoor thing is so serene and romantic. Can't pick.

At what age did you learn to read full sentences?
Don't know lol I guess the same as most? about age 5-6

what is your fave item of clothing?