Great Live Performances (No Lip-Syncing or Autotune)

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In lieu of my present boredom with the music makes the world go 'round section (filled with such gems as "How about when this is over, we go do a little coke?", "It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday...", and whatever atrocity JLo recently came up with...) I have decided to make a thread specifically devoted to the sharing of live performances.

In order to qualify for posting on this thread, live performances must be authentically live (meaning no lip syncing) and must feature an actual human voice without electric "tuning" (if singing is involved.)

I make the following contributions to this thread. These are some of my favourite live performances:

Robert Hill: J.S. Bach WTC II No. 12 Prelude & Fugue in F Minor BWV 881

Robert Hill: J.S. Bach WTC II No. 6 Prelude & Fugue in D Minor BWV 875 (Isn't he amazing!? ?)

Tarja Turunen: Ave Maria

Lacrimosa: Darkness (Lichtgestalt Tour) Tilo Wolff is a genius. I love him. ?

Lacrimosa: Stolzes Herz (Live in Leipzig) Did I perchance mention I love Tilo Wolff? ?

Garou, Patric, Lavoie: Belle (Lavoie!?)

Postolenko, Marakulin, Lee: Belle (Marakulin!!!!! ?????)

Emilie Autumn: Opheliac

Emilie Autumn: Mad Girl (The Asylum Tour)

Emilie Autumn: The Art of Suicide

Within Temptation: Memories

Amy Lee: Lithium

Amy Lee: Sally's Song Live Version (From Nightmare Revisited)

Rammstein: Feuer Frei

Skillet: Comatose (Live in Michigan)

More to come, but these are some of my favourites for now. (Wow, so that's what music sounds like!)
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a MUST SEE til the gets really great at the 3:40 mark...would love to hear feedback about this live performance :)

also performing billie jean
at the school of rock

He's certainly not what I usually listen to, but he's most certainly one talented singer and guitar player. Wow.

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Here are more great performances:

Peter Gabriel: Book of Love (possibly one of my favourite songs ever...)

Emilie Autumn and her Epic Violin Solo: (wow!)

Violeta Urmana: "Suicidio" from La Gioconda (Live in Madrid, Spain)

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This gives me chills every time I give it a listen. These women are just angelic and so amazingly talented, and this song is too beautiful for words...

"Isle of hope, isle of tears, isle of freedom, isle of fears, but it's not the isle you left behind. That isle of hope, isle of pain, isle you'll never see again, but the isle of hope is always on your mind..." (The song is about Irish immigration to Ellis Island, and the feelings immigrants oft experienced [and continue to experience] as a result of being forced to choose between a strange land of opportunity, and their homeland.)

Here's one more by Celtic Woman, a cover of Phil Collins' "You'll Be In My Heart," from Disney's Tarzan film:

It's an amazingly beautiful cover that does great justice to the original (which is also truly wonderful.) This song easily makes me cry--that's the entire purpose of music, to remind humans of their own humanity. Wow.

...and the original performer:

Phil Collins is just amazing. Enough said.
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I really like Garou, Patric, Lavoie: Belle. That was so impressive! Thanks a bunch!

No problem! You should check out the whole musical, Notre-Dame de Paris, preferrably the French version, although the English is ok too. The Russian version does not have any of them in it, but it features Alexander Marakulin and Alexander Postolenko, as Frollo and Gringoire, respectively. Although, in one of the live versions of the Russian "Belle," Postolenko sings Qualsimodo's part.

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Discovered this woman thanks to a friend yesterday, she rocks, she can rap so fast, she must have four lungs. Is she Krayzie Bone's hidden half sister ?

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I simply cannot get enough of this song! Marakulin's Frollo FTW!

And the actual costume performance:

He is the best Frollo ever! Pretty much exactly as I imagined him in the novel. His performance is so emotive, so tortured, it's delicious. Pure Frollo goodness (unless you've only seen the Disney film, then all this depth is lost to you, lol). God. This is amazing. I want! I would give an arm and a leg to sit in the audience during that performance. Marakulin brought Frollo to life. That's what he did. It's perfect. He's the best Frollo I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty of them--French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, even Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean. Yet...he is the only one who understood Frollo's character to its very core (Daniel Lavoie also did a marvelous job, both in French and English, but...), and managed to capture the bleeding duality of his very soul. This is perfection. My muse.

...I'll shut up now. :X
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~*Let Go Of Me, Take My Revolution!*~

Masami Okui and Mizuki Nana performing "Rinbu Revolution", the opening theme from the anime series, Revolutionary Girl Utena. This song makes me cry sometimes--that anime means so much to me. I've been a fan for almost 9 years now, and to see the song brought to life this way is just pure magic. ?

"Toki Ni Ai Wa," a theme from the film Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku (Adolescence Apocalypse, in English). It's plainly beautiful, the lyrics even more so. I know I won't ever get married, but if I were to do so, this would be the song that would play throughout. It's such an amazing, romantic, wonderful song.


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In lieu of my present boredom with the music makes the world go 'round section (filled with such gems as "How about when this is over, we go do a little coke?", "It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday...", and whatever atrocity JLo recently came up with...) I have decided to make a thread specifically devoted to the sharing of live performances.

Garou, Patric, Lavoie: Belle (Lavoie!?)

Speaking of Notre Dame De Paris, another great voice of this musical is the one of Bruno Pelletier


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^True that! He was excellent! Here's another one of Bruno, with Daniel Lavoie:

Parle moi de Florence, et de la Renaissance... ?

Here's one of the Russian counterpart of the song, with Aleksandr Marakulin (Frollo) and Aleksandr Postolenko(Gringoire):



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Richard Marx "Right Here Waiting"

Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight"

Journey/Steve Augeri "Open Arms"

KISS "Beth"

David Bowie "Rebel Rebel"

Natalie Merchant "Carnival"

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This a performance by a rapper i just discovered called R.A. The Rugged Man. In this video he is spitting his verse from the song entitled "The Renaissance" (which features other artists):

Here are the words he's saying:

I'm the best oh yes, I guess, suggest the rest you fess
I'm Tribe Quest, I'm Moe Dee Wild West
Treach, 40, Jazz Jeff, Slick Rick, I'm Doug Fresh
I'm deaf, I'm Canibus before he met Wyclef
Original, I don't bite
I don't need nobody to GhostWrite
Kool G Rap strike the Mic
I Recite the type of hype
That you like, I'm Sweetback
I'm Uptown Saturday Night
I'm Black Ceasar, I'm Rudy Ray Moore, Dolemite
I'm an Assassin rappin'
I'm Grand Wizard Theodore when he invented scratchin'
I'm Wu-Tang, Killa Bee, epitome of Public Enemy
Gamblin', Hustlin', like Smooth and Trigger be bitter, b
Bums diggety-diggety, Das
Literally, I'm Pun in the middle of Little Italy
Didn't do diddly, gettin' me
Listen to me
I'm all good, I'm hood
I'm Ice Cube before he turned soft and went Hollywood
I'm Poetic from Gravediggaz
I'm ODB, I'm Headquarters
I'm Ted Demme, I'm Paul C
If I ain't better than B.I.G., I'm the closest
I'm Richard Pryor before multiple sclerosis
I'm beef, I'm gold teeth, peace
Mantronix, Stetasonic, Symbolic, Bambaata, Soul Sonic
I'm Dre, the Chronic
Melodic with logic Islamic
A poverty prophet
Economy robbery, cock it
I probably properly droppin'
It gotta be honesty
Opposite a novelty, rock it
I Herbie Hancock-it
I'm Onyx Throwin' Ya Gun
I'm Funky 4 + 1


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Boy, if you had a bad when someone pushed too many buttons for you at work, or if everything you touched that day broke or messed up.....listen to that piece!

Still doesn't get old for me either. :)

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^I agree. What an amazing piece. ?

To change the pace a bit, here is a bit of Emma Shapplin:

Spente le Stelle


Ira di Dio


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Battez-vous (French for fight each other) by the French group called Brigitte, if any woman here looks like one of these women and can sing like them PM please:

Another performance of the same song (ever so sorry for the stupid advert at the beginning):

Mama Kin by Aerosmith in Osaka in 1999 sweethearts:


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This song gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. I think it is Britney's best. This is one of those rare songs from a pop artist which really affects the audience. I still remember the first time I saw the music video for this song back in '04, I was just 12. It's one of those memories I actually recall with clarity, and it's stayed with me ever since. Seeing it performed live just emphasizes that 'feeling.'


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I don't know what you meant by GREAT but you can't get it more simple and beautiful than this (in a world without Michael :sad2:)


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^Great= something you find suitable, likable, etc. It doesn't necessarily have to be widely recognized or anything like that. In any case, thanks for posting!


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You won't understand the language, but it's very beautiful song...

''Notre Dame the Paris'' latvian rock-opera version



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More from latvian rock-opera (this is different comparing to above though the singer is the same)


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People always ogle over the fact that Gaga can play the piano, or Justin Bieber can play the drums, and sing live, treating that as if it's the greatest thing ever, when it isn't. It's what should be expected of musicians, no? Yeah...if you're being paid to sing, I sure as Hell expect you to be able to sing! Are our standards so low that we now marvel at singers who can sing?! :scratch:

It seems like people have forgotten that there are others who can sing and play instruments, in addition to writing better material than what appears in most pop songs. One such singer/pianist/writer super talent is Amy Lee, of the band Evanescence:

This is one of my favourite songs by them. ?


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i'm glad you clarified that it didn't have to be singing as i think all instruments are equal.

Michael Jackson's sideways moonwalk at high speed in Bucharest.

also, C jam Blues on piano by Oscar Peterson

and here, he plays an instrument known as The Handkerchief in Boogie Blues Etude

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"T'es Beau" by Pauline Croze. The title means "you're good-looking". This song makes me speechless, i love her voice. She's so cute:

"Quelle heure est-il ?" by Pauline Croze. The title means "what time is it ?"

This song is called "Dans La Ville" which means "In the city":

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