Great Live Performances (No Lip-Syncing or Autotune)

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In lieu of my present boredom with the music makes the world go 'round section (filled with such gems as "How about when this is over, we go do a little coke?", "It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday...", and whatever atrocity JLo recently came up with...) I have decided to make a thread specifically devoted to the sharing of live performances.

In order to qualify for posting on this thread, live performances must be authentically live (meaning no lip syncing) and must feature an actual human voice without electric "tuning" (if singing is involved.)

I make the following contributions to this thread. These are some of my favourite live performances:

Robert Hill: J.S. Bach WTC II No. 12 Prelude & Fugue in F Minor BWV 881

Robert Hill: J.S. Bach WTC II No. 6 Prelude & Fugue in D Minor BWV 875 (Isn't he amazing!? ?)

Tarja Turunen: Ave Maria

Lacrimosa: Darkness (Lichtgestalt Tour) Tilo Wolff is a genius. I love him. ?

Lacrimosa: Stolzes Herz (Live in Leipzig) Did I perchance mention I love Tilo Wolff? ?

Garou, Patric, Lavoie: Belle (Lavoie!?)

Postolenko, Marakulin, Lee: Belle (Marakulin!!!!! ?????)

Emilie Autumn: Opheliac

Emilie Autumn: Mad Girl (The Asylum Tour)

Emilie Autumn: The Art of Suicide

Within Temptation: Memories

Amy Lee: Lithium

Amy Lee: Sally's Song Live Version (From Nightmare Revisited)

Rammstein: Feuer Frei

Skillet: Comatose (Live in Michigan)

More to come, but these are some of my favourites for now. (Wow, so that's what music sounds like!)
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a MUST SEE til the gets really great at the 3:40 mark...would love to hear feedback about this live performance :)

also performing billie jean
at the school of rock

He's certainly not what I usually listen to, but he's most certainly one talented singer and guitar player. Wow.

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Here are more great performances:

Peter Gabriel: Book of Love (possibly one of my favourite songs ever...)

Emilie Autumn and her Epic Violin Solo: (wow!)

Violeta Urmana: "Suicidio" from La Gioconda (Live in Madrid, Spain)

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This gives me chills every time I give it a listen. These women are just angelic and so amazingly talented, and this song is too beautiful for words...

"Isle of hope, isle of tears, isle of freedom, isle of fears, but it's not the isle you left behind. That isle of hope, isle of pain, isle you'll never see again, but the isle of hope is always on your mind..." (The song is about Irish immigration to Ellis Island, and the feelings immigrants oft experienced [and continue to experience] as a result of being forced to choose between a strange land of opportunity, and their homeland.)

Here's one more by Celtic Woman, a cover of Phil Collins' "You'll Be In My Heart," from Disney's Tarzan film:

It's an amazingly beautiful cover that does great justice to the original (which is also truly wonderful.) This song easily makes me cry--that's the entire purpose of music, to remind humans of their own humanity. Wow.

...and the original performer:

Phil Collins is just amazing. Enough said.
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