Guyyysss finally the original invincible cover seen!!!

I much prefer the text font and placement on the finalized cover. Not too sure about the gold either, but it is cool to see after hearing about it for so long
Years ago, I discovered the story of the Gold Invincible cover. To see it finally is a great discovery.
The dancing action shots black and white cover is cool. I would've preferred that to what we ended up with. And it'd be the first time MJ appeared on one of his own album covers since Bad.
Cool to finally see the original cover.

Not sure if I prefer to the final one, though. I'm not a fan of MJ being painted in gold, but I do prefer how his face looks more natural in the original photo. His face was really photoshopped in the final cover, which looked a little odd.
Re: Original Invincible Original Cover

I love these red and blue covers too of Michael dancing. To me those images the way they are photographed are amazing and they do sum Michael up perfectly. This is actually one of my most favourite pictures of Michael and I have it saved as a screen saver on my laptop and am ordering a T-Shirt with the image on. Thanks to Omer Bhatti for sharing these treasures with us.
Thanks for sharing these images. Thanks to Omer Bhatti for sharing tnis with us. I have seen the golden one before, but not the covers with Michael dancing. I was so thrilled cause that is one of my favourite images of Michael. I have it saved as a screen saver on my laptop and am ordering a T-Shirt wit the exact image. I also have a japanese version of Invincible and that dancing image is on the back.
Hi All,
I made my own edit using Omer's image + the final artwork to recreate in HQ what the original gold pic would have looked like, plus some additional versions. Made using photoshop. What do you think?











Assuming that this is the original gold cover, then it is certainly not better than the official white version of the ‘Invincible’ album cover.

Even the other four official coloured covers look better as compared to that gold one.

Also, that original gold cover gives off a very sad, even depressing feel, when you look at it.

Had it been released with that gold cover, sales of the ‘Invincible’ album would have been even fewer.

Sony Music’s executives did the right thing in rejecting that gold cover, in favour of the official white one.

Apparently, Sony Music’s executives also sought feedback from retailers/wholesalers before going on printing that gold cover (which is generally a common practice in music industry before printing a certain official album cover).

And the feedback that the executives got (about that gold cover) must have been very negative.

This situation reminds me of the ‘BAD’ album cover when Michael Jackson wanted the original cover with that black patterned veil over his face as the official cover of that album.

Walter Yetnikoff, the-then President of CBS Records, rejected that original one as well in favour of the official cover that eventually came out.