Happy Birthday Michael!

did you draw this PoP ? its amazing! ^

I love you michael, Happy Birthday !!:birthday::dancin::angel:

XxxX :heart: XxxX

Yeah I did, it took me last weekend to finish it. I wanna draw him in "Adventure Time" form since I love that show recently.
Happy birthday, my angel!!! I love you. And missing you horribly.

Happy Birthday Michael. I miss you more and more each day. Thank you for being the light to guide me through your love and music, I LOVE YOU, you will always be in my heart.
Happy birthday Michael:birthday:

We can change the world for you Michael, one day will another tomorrow be today.
:birthday:Michael :wub:

Instead of spending my afternoon in the HUGE toy store, I thought of a more 'befitting' HONOUR to your B-Day...

Just to shine as the sparkle of HOPE you wished for... or simply said 'to be creative, innovative' ...

HOPE you have a BLAST in Heaven :angel:

Though I MISS you every second... You are always in my thoughts... I :heart: you beyond words can express...

Yours, Daryll :tease:
Some 54yrs ago today, the world stood still just for a moment, and michael got on I'm glad he did. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL LOVE YOU MOST.
Happy birthday My Only Dear, my precious, my soft cotton angel, my hero, my inspiration, my love, my hope, my today, my future, my heart... in short MY MICHAEL JACKSON!...

I L.O.V.E. you Michael from the bottom of my heart..


Happy Birthday Michael! There's no day I stop thinking about you or missing you! :girl_love:

In this day we specially remember the date one of the most outstanding artist & genius and worderful human being was born! :clapping:

Whenever you may be Michael, we're still honoring you, remember you and missing you every day! L.O.V.E. YOU FOREVER! :give_rose: :girl_give_heart:

Happy Birthday Michael. * You mean everything to me :heart:
I think you are the most talented, loving, kind, sexi, gracious and generous Man to ever grace this planet


I love you "For all time" Qbee

This isn't my video but its very beautiful all fans should watch this today! :)

Heres the video I made for MJs birthday!!! :flowers:

For me, you was nearly unknown ‘till June 2009, Michael. “Too late” is an awfull word but is it “too late”? No!
I have learned about you and first of all from you. You have given the world so much, and me too.
Now I modest put me behind your old fans and help them with their memory work for you.

I have found you.
My dears,

Allow me to join their small contribution to the celebration of the 54th anniversary
birthday of our beloved King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson. Constantly we commemorate this exceptional human personality full of talent that our
next generation still had to remember who and what he was, is and will be the unforgettable King. Yes, that's a great artist, which we also appreciate the moments of our life. Thanks to his fantastic music, movies, short films, books ... encroaching
other disciplines, such as fashion, which has inspired many fashion designers of the world, as well as protection and concern for the planet earth, the struggle to stop the senseless wars and healing the world through songs and love.

We must never forget his selfless love for children around the world, for which he did, and even though most of us is not here physically, still pays 20% of its profits to help needy children around the globe.

So, please stop for a while ... sit down and think together with me as a beautiful person Michael is here that we celebrate ...


From the womb of his mother slipped a little curly-haired boy with big eyes that started observing the world. Michael, Your mother lovingly take you and raise you from the most brilliant man - a personality that charmed the world, charmed millions of girls and women and a lot of people on the planet.

You came to us as a pure white dove as waving their wings so subtly that we hear only a murmur of white and feathers. Your mother Katherine is the highest tribute to give as a gift, which gave us ... as you, Michael ...

Even then, Your gentle soul knew that as long as one does not own inner beauty, the beauty around you can not see ... But you honestly sought but quietly and unusual beauty you can find ... I learned the song of your heart and try to place it into daily practice.
The most beautiful and the most important in the world is the invisible and intangible ... what we feel heart ... It also taught me, my love velvet ...
Into your own heart you entered without knocking and ringing ... because the most beautiful music is still beating heart ... even though your generous heart has stopped beating for me not only in your song Forever but I hear that rare beat and your breath .. . taught me that love is like the wind ... you can not see it, but you feel it with all your heart ... and that is very good.

Sometimes you can look across the horizon to be nothing special telescope and see ... nothing to you so interested. But you taught me that sometimes you just look in the eyes and you see them once in all continents, all the seas oceans ... the whole world at your fingertips ... as my eyes ended up in your beautiful sensual almond eyes and just I was there at the sight of the understanding.

You've always dealt with people on the ground to the question addressed Thee felt beautiful and unique ... that you could just you, my graceful king ... only you ... You're with tremendous humility knelt in front of his fans .. . You knelt in front of children, that you were in their level of growth ... The king ... though ... did you see gaps where others could not see or did not want to see ... and this is where you secretly always served a helping hand ... did not want publicity ...
Yes, that possess a heart of gold, my dearest love ...

Michael, you are my daily joy, when I sorrow for the soul ... you caress and warm blanket on my grief ... you my blessing and motivator in my next event ... you challenge and my teacher ... you are my most precious icon that completely ... I believe you're right, the right man character, sensuality and passion ... you're my daily bread and salt ... you're my spice of life ... you are the blood that flows through my body wildly ... you my lungs to overcome barriers and high goals ... because of you I breathe freely and to the survey tackled the steep hills that otherwise would be difficult to overcome.

You opened hundreds of thousands of people in the world door where they should without Your help is closed permanently ... and me ... and I'm grateful to you and you never cease to give thanks ... thanks to your love, to life itself, love for children , people around the world and planet earth ... I could assume the reins of imaginary knocker on the door and when prompted enter there, where would I do without your help never received. I knew because of you, my love beautiful ... great people ... have become some of my wonderful friends ... I owe it all to you only and only ...

I've always loved their mother tongue ... Czech language ... it's very beautiful language with immense variety of synonyms. Thanks to its color words allows me to hug you and wrap it in sl?vek arising from the finest and tender letters ... at least verbally so you can wrap them in his stories, poems, prose, columns ...

Tears are one of the products of eternal love ... I can not help when I realize that no longer physically with us, you're not ... but that means that if you cry I'm still in my heart is the place for you, my love Magic ...

I am grateful to life that I met you, with you in my mind everything is easier ... better to me live ... I did a guardian angel ... the most beautiful, truthful, unselfish, who protects the angel who is still me ... protect my person, my children as I am protecting you, your baby and children ... so you've always wanted, we were all one family ... and that's all ... I understand. .. has to be that way ... I wish to understand that all people in the world.

If my heart could speak, all would have heard all about you. love ... if my heart could walk his steps would accrue only for you ... but it can only beat and therefore beats only for you, my sweetest love ... I love you more ... Michael

Happy Birthaday !
Michael -thank you for the whole wonderment you've brought to this world, you were, is and and always will remain the one and only, unique, the artist and the man that words cannot describe....

Rest in Peace dear Michael.... Happy Birthday there in Heaven... we love you now and always
Happy Birthday, you ethereal, imaginary friend, you. How are birthdays way up there in those wispy, and vaporous clouds? Don't fall through now while stuffing your mouth with cake. :eek:

:music: ...if you're in doubt about angels being real,
I can arrange to change any doubts that you feel...

:holiday: !!!!!!!
Thank you for everything you gave us and inspiring me to be a better person!

Happy birthday :love:
I know a part of you is still with us. Happy Birthday Michael, where ever you are.

words cannot express what you mean to us!!!
All the things you are make us want to be better and better.
Inspiration,unconditional love, kindness, all your virtues are unique!!!
Your will to share, love and give even though you were doubted, humiliated, manipulated, mocked!!!
Our angel, our gift from god, our motive to keep on living when we fall down!!!
You never give up no matter what may happen!!!
We never give up on you!!!
For as long as we live you will be our light, our star, our pride and joy!!!

happy birthday michael