Have You Ever Been Banned From Websites?


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Jul 25, 2011
I have. I was banned from one website for being an excessive troll, talking about how great I was, and was mulitiple personalities. I even had the downright nerve to tell the admin that I was MP. In private Email, he told me that he forgave me, and when I tried to log on again, I got a message saying I was banned. I confronted him on Email, asking why I was banned since he told me he forgave me. He told me, "You need to leave me the fuc alone. I mean it." I still feel hurt about that, and that was years ago. The second website I was banned from was because I decided to start a thread called, "Celebrities that have not aged well?" thinking it was going to be a huge hit. I got three replies, all calling me a jerk for starting that thread. Then I got a message saying I was banned for 12 days for disturbing the peace. Not the big hit I was expecting. The third website I was banned from was because I started a thread called,"Grandma mutually consentually fucs biological Grandson. Disgusting!", thinking it was going to be a hue hit. I was permeanently banned from that website after that thread, for posters complaining to the Moderator that I was a troll. Luckily I already had a back up account on that website, and still post on that website with the back up account.:)
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yes i have been banned from a mj site:yes: but that was because anything that you said the mods just told you that you were doing wrong:doh::doh:so i told them where to go:lol:but also this site is better because you get more replies:yes:
This is the only forum I have ever been a part of. So I have not been banned. Not yet :ninja:
This is the only forum I have ever been a part of. So I have not been banned. Not yet :ninja:

*Goes to ban button* :lol:

Nope, I'm too good to be bad! :D so never banned from anywhere. :angel: lol
Only from one forum with a ticked off board owner who simply had had it with EVERYONE (including himself I think...), kicked every one to the curb and closed down. So it wasn't a real banning.

I typically just stop posting when I'm fed up, I'm not one for trolling.
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I was banned from here for 10 days a month ago for arguing, but it was lifted early.

I was banned from a wrestling forum about 2 years ago, it was actually about MJ having cancer and saying he had 6 months to live. I went on defending him for literally DAYS and encountered such idiots. This wasnt even the worst part, I had been in arguements with MJ haters before so I was used to it.

But THEN, one of the members searched my name on google and found video's of me impersonating MJ and they ripped a hole in me. But there were also those who thought the dancing was good. This wasnt as much about MJ anymore, these people were attacking me personally and telling me to get a life and stuff, whats even worse is that there were mods taking part in all of this! So there was nobody to stop all the madness because the mods were a part of it :|

One of them even made a youtube video making fun of me. All of this just because I was a big MJ fan and was sticking up for him. Funny thing was I found out that the guy who made the video about me lived locally and I knew his name, so I threatened to come and knock on his door and ask him to remove the video personally and he crapped his pants.

Of course I then started to rebel and started posting random threads all over the forum saying how bad it was. They refused to ban me still because of course they found this all so amusing.....so I continued trying to ruin the forum.

Eventually I signed on the next day and a random mod who didnt know what had gone on banned me.

It goes without saying that its the worst forum I have ever been a part of, its full of idiots who do nothing but try to make each other laugh. Its one thing arguing with me over MJ, but its another thing to dig up my personal life and attack me personally.

Coincidentally, MJ did die almost exactly 6 months later.....I had this arguement the day before Christmas eve in 2008. But of course thats just massive coincidence.
Yes I seem to get banned from sites because I am not one to skirt around the truth, I just come right out and say it. When I was a schoolgirl my friends would say I was one of those people who said what everyone was thinking but never had the balls to say themselves. I am a fairly quiet person but I will speak up if something needs to be said. I wouldn't troll people like the groups of trolls from 4chan do though, now they deserve every ban they get, I have seen them ruin too many sites.
No. I have never been banned from a website, mostly because there are a limited number of websites I am a part of. I use the PC mostly for research, and to upload my art. As of right now, this is the only forum I am an active member of.
I was banned from MJJC for destroing the tone or somethin, oh well thankfully it got lifted :D
well my bann on here (mjjc) was just lifted.

I was banned rightfully here honestly.
I was pretty upset of a friend of mine being banned before here without that reasons were given. When I saw her banned and asked for the reasons and non were given... well let's say I misbehaved pretty much by intention.

I asked Gaz like a week or so ago to please let me back to promote the petition we had going lately and I'm thankfull he allowed me back... also that friend of mine who was banned chosed to go back long before me... so she's on here again also.

I do think it is very much the time to forget personal drama and get Michaels fan base united. This is done not that difficult if you can get ppl to some real tolerance.

Fact is this is a private board. The rules are given... so everybody can make their choice.
I only remember being banned once and that is from the old MJNO site. I think that was the name of that site I had forgotten. But I think I was only banned for 10 days than it was lifted. I forget what the reason was why I was banned. But it really doesn't matter since that MJ site is no longer around.
I remember a while ago myself and a couple of other members here (who I will allow to remain anonymous lol) were chatting on to our friend who was on blogtv at the time. Somehow we ended up in someone elses chat/camera where the person on camera was being absolutely vile, using a lot of derogatory terms for no reason. So where it was late (early hours of the morning) and we were all tired and silly we decided to wind him up (tut tut!). He didn't realise for ages we were winding him up but when he did he banned us from his cam/chat. We managed to get back in a few times but kept getting banned so gave up in the end.

I know that's naughty *slaps wrist* but to be fair this was at a time when emotions were high, and sleep was difficult so it was a bit of silly light relief. I know we weren't exactly banned from the site but thought I'd share anyway just cos this thread reminded me of it lol.
Lol you totall legend, I was banned from Mjstar for having the balls unlike anyone else to have a go at this twistedvision matey, he got pissed with me and banned me but i was in the right so fuc them
how ridiculous :no:but please dont swear i dont like it on here because we have some young members :yes:;)
This is the only forum I have ever been a part of. So I have not been banned. Not yet :ninja:
but your a mod :lol:so you have got "special treatment" :lol:joking :yes:
*Goes to ban button* :lol:

Nope, I'm too good to be bad! :D so never banned from anywhere. :angel: lol
yer right :lol: its just because your so popular :lol::lol: just joking hun :hug:please dont ever ban me :lol::lol:
That didn't really come out right as I reread it. This is the first forum I have ever been apart of. And it is still only one of two that I have joined.


Aww, lol :hug:

yer right :lol: its just because your so popular :lol::lol: just joking hun :hug:please dont ever ban me :lol::lol:

I'm actually really not. :huh: LOL!

Be good. :p
no never been banned or recieved any warning....I hold my toung alot lately,,thank God for that report button..:D