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Used to love rap until 1992 or so, but ever since the stuff got commercialised and all these shit hop songs about gangstas, drugs, degrading women, crass materialism, disrespect towards authorities and racism, I have hated it.

Same with one hit wonder rap dance songs like Silento, Juju on that beat, Dougie, Stanky leg, chicken wing, all that shit. Also it has degraded from guys with style, low and finesse on a mic, to people talking shit along to a drum machine beat and some looped samples.

I loved old school acts like Run DMC, Young MC, LL Cool J, even early gangsta like NWA's first album, Biggie, 2Pac, Warren G, the First Snoop Dogg, ce Cube and Dre albums. Okay the stuff was gangsta and negative, but you had to admire these cats skills on the mic. Pac and Big could flow, they knew the rhymes and the combinations of words and had a gift for rapping. The arrival of guys like Puffy, Mase etc was the end of all the skillz. Jermaine Dupri, R Kelly and all this neer rap R and B can be blamed for it too. Sad as I just love 80s Rap (Songs like Alice by Full Force) and R & B.
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^ May he rest in peace. I do not really know his music, but I've seen several interviews over the years. I wish he had won that fight. I hope there will be a cure soon. :(


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LL Cool J - 2017 Kennedy Center Honors

LL is the first rapper to recieve an honor. He's also tied with Stevie Wonder as the youngest honoree at 49 years old.
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