Hold My Hand Snippet

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I think it's a sweet song.

Is it a Vince cut out?
Almost definitely not... It's the song Claude Kelly wrote and gave to Akon. My guess is that it was recorded in 08 or 07.
It should have been MJ and Akon but it is ok I guess.
Guys i have a information about HMH from my source.This Snippet its not the final version my source tell me that Hold My Hand 2010 has a different mix,and most importantly, Michael is singins whole songs and Akon just help him in chorous.In Monday we will hear the true ;).But remember i can't say this is the 100% correct information ;)

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I didn't even noticed the "Akon and MJ" at the beginning. I'm glad he did that, that's very respectful.
Please could someone share with me, a PM would be great thank you .
It's more than amazing!I absolutely love this song!Finally it's released with more Michael vocals.The new instruments are great!I've played this snippet over and over and over again.Can't believe there are only 2 more days till the release.
I miss MJ so much.The "Akon and MJ" thingie was incredible.It took me by surprise.
Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.
there has to be a video for this, hope full this will be playing everwhere on monday

I think ELE (who is in direct contact with SOny) said first will have a video.
I just wonder what can they make, maybe Mj in the studio with Akon, not sure what else it can be
^^ pm'd you both! Anyone who wants it, just pm me, it'll be easier for me to forward it all at the same time, instead of separately :D
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