~*I Love You Michael~*


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Mar 3, 2020
It's 2:35 a.m. and I can't sleep, so here's another one of my old stories from MJFiction :D :heart:

~*I Love You Michael~*

Year: 1984 after the Pepsi incident.

I took slow but steady steps down the long and silent hallway of the hospital with no one here but me holding a covered up german chocolate cake and the click-clacking of my high heels making their endless sound on the white tiled floors. My mind was racing through unclear thoughts after getting the news I had gotten from my brother that he was rushed here after the fatal accident; I couldn't shake the thought that ONE tragic thought out of my head that led me to this place.

I had finally gotten to his room door; my heart was beating a million times a minute, my hands started to get sweaty as I slowly reached the knob and turning it.

Inside the room was dark, so dark that the blinds were slightly turned open receiving some light; and there were his brothers standing over his bed with tears in their eyes reliving that shocking moment that went downhill. I was met by the somber looks of his parents; his mother I could tell had tear stains on her cheeks his father on the other hand, had his head down low where I couldn't see him cry but I could glimpse a tear rolling down that it had sparkled in the moonlight. Never in my life, had I seen him like this even though he was what he was deep down he had a heart made out of gold. I slowly walked over to them hugging them as tightly as I could seeing their arms reach my back doing the same I wanted to tell them he was going to make it that he was strong on surviving but I couldn't even trust my own voice as I started to tear up but I wasn't going to break down; not in front of them, not in front of the family who treated me nothing but kindness over the past 13 years since he, his brothers, and I became fast friends.

One by one, the guys came over to me. Jermaine who was in front, hugged me gently I blushed a hint of pink feeling his warm touching body on mine as he kissed me on the cheek and winked. I shook my head seeing him walking away with the rest of them behind him all that was left were Mr. and Mrs. Jackson who were about to leave, seeing that I was going to be alone, Mr. Jackson started to protest, but Mrs. Jackson with her gentle personality, patted his arm ushering for them to leave as soon as possible the next thing I knew the door was closed and there I was in the big dark hospital room alone with him at last.

I gazed at him sleeping peacefully like an angel. I set the cake down on the bed side table as I sat down at his side never taking my eyes off of him. I placed my hand on his warm cheek stroking it lightly and even bending down to smell his hair; it had smelt of ripened strawberries that came off a bush in a faraway meadow. My eyes started to well up again; how could I have been so blind? he was one of the nicest people God has ever created before no other person would give a $#!t about how he felt. Through the years he has been pushed around and taken for granted it wasn't long until I came into the picture that things were becoming different each and every day. He was a perky little ball of sunshine when we were getting used to eachother, we always shared secrets, shared lunches, and played until it would get dark and had to go our separate ways until the days flew by.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore as I let out all my emoctions and threw my head in my hands sobbing so much that my nose was even getting runny but I think I was crying a little bit too loud to the point it jerked him out of his slumber. Seeing me in my state of misery, he held out a shaky hand to calm me down. "A-April?

I slightly lifted my head with my eyes still watery as I gazed at him who was looking tired but managed to smile warmly. I tried to wipe my face but to no avail I just couldn't stop I wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be alright but I just didn't trust myself to do so. Finally, he reached to me despite his tired condition and pulled me into a warm hug that could melt anyone's troubles away.

"Oh Michael I'm so glad you're okay I thought I was going to loose you, I just can't bare seeing you like this if only I had been there none of this wouldn't have happened" I babbled on but when we pulled away, he didn't look mad or disappointed instead he held up his hand indicating me to stop and let him talk.

"April, no words can describe how I feel at the moment. You came to me and that's what really matters right now. You, apart from my fans and my family, always put others before yourself; you're very genorous, sweet, compassionate, and of course encouraging. When I had met you that day at the park, I knew that you were really a true friend one who I can trust, one who will know how to stick up for someone and I just want to say.... I love you"

And before I knew it, he lifted my chin closer to his face. My heart started to race again even my stomach felt like it had butterflies floated around. Our lips had connected to each others making the moment more warm and loving. I had never felt this way in my entire life; all this time I felt alone with nobody but me and my siblings yearning for a friend and he was right here giving me a passionate kiss that I was enjoying.

Soon, we heard the door open, we quickly pulled away just in time seeing the nurse coming in with his medicine. I tried to hide my blush but to no avail as I turned to him smiling. "I'll see you tomorrow" "You too" And I had left leaving him and the woman smiling at me. "You seem to like her alot huh?" The nurse asked him still smiling. "Not like, love."

~*The End~*