i really want to hear the michael & will i am song

well the beat that will.i.am presented to Michael that was shown on access hollywood was not used by Michael and Will.i.am ended up using it for a black eye peys song... But the songs they worked together on I really wish we would hear one day
I don't think we'll ever hear them.

I doubt they are even in a releasable state.
Unless Sony convinces Will to share the songs we'll never hear them.

If not just put them as bonus songs on a new album but leave them as demos or whatever, don't change anything on them, so we get to hear what Michael was working on with Will.
me too ! i want to hear his songs with William,,,,but i want to hear his songs with Red One much much more !
Will.I.Am opinions might change in the future............

So I would say, Never Say Never (and I am not referring to the terrible unofficial James Bond movie)!!!!!!!!