Icon : New Motown album in March?

Yeah, nothing new here. Do they really think many MJ fans buy another same ol compilation album?? They shoulda showed a lil more effort, like including a few previously unreleased tracks, at least. I would pick that up and I'm sure some other fans would, too. The sales would be a lot better, as well.

As far as compilation album is concerned, they did a good job with Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection, cuz it's like a box set some might find attractive, esp. those who are not familiar with his Motown solo music.
Can't say the same thing with this one.

Yes, Hello World was awesome! It has all MJ solo albums from the 70s!!!!..yes, he had them. It has nice photos, and feels like a collector edition. I bought it when it was released..from Borders with a 40% off coupon, but that store is closed now ;).
I like the collection so i probably will get it but i wish .... they would release some unreleased