If MJ held a one night only Motown revival concert - what would you want to hear?


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Feb 23, 2020
1. We're Here To Entertain You
2. I want you back
3. You've changed
4. Got To Be There
5. To Make My Father Proud
6. One Day In Your Life
7. Music & Me
8. Never Can Say Goodbye
9. You Need Love Like I do/ Dancing Machine (like on the album)
10. We're Almost There
11. We've Got Forever
12. With A Child's Heart
13. Get It Together
14. Body Language
15. Moving Violation
16. All I Do Is Think Of You
16. Ben
17. I'll Be There
18. Maria (you were the only one)
19. La La Means I Love you
20. I Can't Quit Your Love
21. Lonely Teardrops (I envision it in Jackie Wilson's style)

There's a lot more actually but I think 21 songs is already stretching it.