If you could have anyone of MJ talents which one would it be?

If you could have anyone of MJ talents which one would it be?

  • Singing Talent

    Votes: 94 38.4%
  • Dancing Talent

    Votes: 107 43.7%
  • Artistic Talent (E.G Draw, paint)

    Votes: 21 8.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 23 9.4%

  • Total voters
I chose artistic talent under which I assume songwriting falls. I would love to be able to write beautiful, meaningful, powerful, thought provoking lyrics like Michael did.
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I chose dancing because I am already a good singer. I don't sing pop music though, and I sing nowhere near as beautifully as he does.

I'm a self-taught 'artist' and I would like to think I am competent in that area.

Dancing, however, is certainly not my forte. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm and I definitely could not keep up with even the worst imitator. I would love to dance like him, with that liquid sort of movement, and that emotion. He expressed himself through his body in an amazing manner. I like to pretend mine doesn't exist lol. I am so uncomfortable doing physical things like that, I would love to have Michael's talent for doing so. Just to feel what it's like.
Dancing because I can allready sing a little bit, I find it harder to dance.
And I also would like to be as strong as him to cope with difficult things.
Definitely dancing! I'd love to be able to dance on air, cuz that's exactly what it looks like when he dances. :wub:
His smile- the ability to dazzle everyone in the room with that dazzlingly awesome smile ! and someone mentioned his 'sexy aura' i would take that, and turn it against mike. His so chrismatic, in everyway- so smoooth and cool. Its just not fair how he's soo damn irresistable, the way he walks in and outta room, u can't help but watch him leave!

He has the most unique voice, one that is so perfect and versitle in singing/ beat boxing/ rapping ect.

His ability to MOVE, the way he does. Most Graceful human being i have ever seen in my entire life.
His ability to forgive, to understand others and to love unconditionally. His charisma and generosity. His strength and courage. His ability to influence people all over the world.
I went for singing... I've got plenty of my own artistic talent, thanks, so it was a straight choice between singing and dancing. ;) The former just seems the most attractive to me, so that got my vote. I'd love to be able to sing well so that I could sing versions of my own of the very particular 'personal favourites' I have of his work (Carousel, PYT, Beautiful Girl etc.).

I could learn to dance to an at least passable level anyway (ie., good enough for my satisfaction, and with my own unique style thrown in), but singing? I always just talk my lines out, lol. I'd have a horribly clunky, cringeworthy 'singing' voice, worse than Jordan in that duet she did with Peter Andre...
I would say that I would want his talent of being able to help everybody............and his Charisma!!!!!!!

I'm not quite sure you could call them talents, but they are good enough for me!!!!!
Dancing, because for me the dancing makes the show. I would have happily sat through a lip synched performance as long as I got to see the dancing, so of course I wish I could dance like that!
Dancing I'd choose because that's what first led me to become a fan - always loved dancing and Michael's awesome and mesmerising!
He's so good at everything! ahh hard to choose, but I went with singing talent.

MJ's voice is perfection for me. I'd kill to sing like that.
Singing as I can already dance a few of his moves and if I had a singing voice, I would have been a MJ impersenator.
No one who is gifted with so much talent have an easy life.Being such a perfectionist and creative genius like he is doesn't give you time to rest.

But I would have wanted to have his UNBELIEVABLE CHARISMA.