If you could make a movie with MJ what would it be

As for YRMW, i would have loved that too, especially when Marlon Brando shows up at the end. Would not have a fight right at that moment between Brando and Mike been great ? MJ would fight like Jackie and Bruce and Brando would fight like Sammo Hung. And..... action !

Brando: "Big bang..... later."
Mike: *takes his jacket off* "La what ? Lay your hat down and roll up your sleeves." *puts his jacket on a chair*
Brando: "Mikey ? Really ? After all the acting lessons i've given you ?"
Mike: *pulls his rhinestone glove out of his right pocket* "Oh your a*s will be thrown all over the place in a second, so consider this a dance lesson." *puts his glove on*

LOL that would be AWESOME!
I can't think of a movie in particular but a romantic movie with..um..sex scenes. lol.
Great topic :clap:

:blush: on the porn thingy... NOT really Michael's style hey...

Anyway, I would love to see Michael as mentioned before here, as a 'Jason Bourne' style of guy... with lots of action and romance and I would be the one he saves from the BAD guys ;D

I would have loved a LONGER version of Smooth Criminal and Thriller though as I :wub: those 'short films'... What about a 2nd take on BAD... I absolutely :heart: him as Daryll in BAD...

Oh, I would love to see Michael play in a Zombie movie too like 'The Return of the living dead' either as Zombie or as 'human' escaping them :D

I WISH he would come back :blink: