Jackson family to open gift shop in Gary

KES music group and Rych Kydd are both new entities, don't know anything they business deals other than if you go KES website, you'll see the advertising Latoya's new single.

Knowing KJ history trying to make deals behind estate's back selling right to use Michael's image and likeness, I believe we'll be hearing them later. Either the estate ends up suing them for using MJ's image and likeness, or they end up suing KJ for false pretence or something:D

I find Deborah Chang being member of this committee more than interesting. Why would KJ's AEG trial attorney get involved with this?

None of this is surprising. but seriously who's going to fork out money for yet another self-serving act/scam?
Rose tinted glasses. If he didnt have her who did he have. although some of his comments show he knew to an extent
Michael know she was far from perfect but as others have said who else did he have. If he could see the things she has done to his children and his name since his death I'm sure he would cut her out the same way he did Joseph and the sibs.
Why did Michael consider his mother a saint if she's corrupt and shady? I'll never get that of him.

Rose tinted glasses. If he didnt have her who did he have. although some of his comments show he knew to an extent

Michael know she was far from perfect but as others have said who else did he have.

I seem to recall in the Rabbi or Glenda tapes that MJ referred to KJ as a "saint" regarding her being so forgiving of devilish Joe's very adulterous and disrespectful ways. After all KJ did before MJ died, including taking million dollar checks from the Moonies to pressure MJ into doing concerts he didn't want to do, I think he loved her very much, but privately had a more realistic view of her than he said publicly. (Remember he never paid the Moonies for her or kept her/Joe from bankruptcy.) I don't think they were nearly as "close" as people thought. KJ admitted that she really didn't know PP&B very well at all before MJ died and she seems to know virtually nothing about adult MJ, in terms of his health, business affairs, the 1993 and 2005 legal cases, or his personal life. She didn't get introduced to LMP until after he hastily entered that brief marriage, never met Debbie before or during their marriage, and was not the person he turned to when he battled addiction in '93 or even when recovering from his Pepsi commercial injuries, preferring to turn to Liz Taylor and Emmanuel Lewis. It makes me wonder how often they really talked to/saw each other and what the heck they talked about, other than her asking for money for this/that family member and things like her trying to get MJ to let Joe get in on the 02 shows or tour with the bros. If MJ truly trusted KJ, I think he would have given her a copy of his will, but he knew she would have manipulated him to change it to continue his 25-year funding of the lavish lifestyles of their entire, huge (& steadily procreating) family of able-bodied individuals, just as she had done during his life, to sacrifice his needs for theirs.

As each of MJ's kids gets closer to aging out of KJ's "guardianship" (i.e., her control of their money), I expect these money schemes will intensify again.
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That`s surprising we heard nothing about the gift shop on the birthday event.
That`s surprising we heard nothing about the gift shop on the birthday event.

Nor have we heard anything about gifts that they are selling:scratch:

PPB were there, and "family" had perfect opportunity to turn them into human mannequin's for what ever they were going to sell. You know there is something seriously wrong as they wouldn't have missed that kind of opportunity.
Trent Jackson, a nephew and traveling companion of Katherine Jackson, said the family will convert the house directly east of the family house at 2300 Jackson St. to a gift shop with plans to open Aug. 15.

I was in Gary those 3 days and did not see this but at the stadium their were selling MJ T Shirts and a fews other things Geraldine Hughes the lady who wrote the book on Michael was there selling the T.Shirts The house beside the Jacksons it has pictures on there of Michael and his parents and some of Michael.

So i don't know if this house by the Jacksons house was suppose to be the gift shop that was suppose to be open Aug 15.

The four house that was build their would still working on them and three of the family that was there did recvive the keys to the house. there are build alittle way down from the Jacksons house on the right side of the street.
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Is anyone here living in Gary who knows is there going to be birth celebration this year and what happen to this house that they bought to sell stuff?

I found this but don't know whether it is official twitter or something else
K.Jackson MJ Tribute ?@KJacksonMJFest Jan 14
Update soon regarding this years MJ Tribute #festivals2015 #2015

K.Jackson MJ Tribute ?@KJacksonMJFest May 27
MJ #Festival2015
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Six years after Michael Jackson's death, Gary's Jackson Street on upswing

Thursday marks six years since the unexpected death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, whose infectious music and polarizing fame reverberated across the globe..

But before he became famous as the pint-sized frontman of the Jackson 5, he was the third youngest of nine Jackson children raised in a small, two-bedroom, white frame house at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary.

"I just wonder how did they fit all of those kids in there," said Fredericksburg, Va., resident Caterah Mayfield, who was visiting Tuesday with her mom, sister and cousin.

Mayfield's mom, Courtney Parker, said Jackson's death — of cardiac arrest at age 50 — is still shocking.

"I can't believe he's gone," Parker said. "It was just like Whitney (Houston); they're gone too soon."

The house has become a draw for Jackson's fans, who flock to it to leave flowers and teddy bears around the anniversary of his death or to write a message on the One Way sign at the corner. In 2009, thousands of fans paying tribute trampled the grass, but since installing a granite monument to Jackson in the front yard, it has been fenced off, and beautiful flowers are in bloom every summer.

The family is helping to revitalize the neighborhood by purchasing and renovating the house next door to 2300 Jackson and another home across the street, said Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson. The house next door is now a small museum/gift shop that the family is expected to open soon.

They've supported the Jackson Street of Dreams project that has rehabilitated two homes and rebuilt another house in the 2300 and 2400 blocks of Jackson Street. The project is being led by the Fuller Center for Housing in Gary, with assistance from the city, the Indiana Department of Correction, NIPSCO, Centier Bank and others. The Fuller Center has a goal of rebuilding eight additional homes in the neighborhood in 2016, but they are currently working to secure the necessary funds.

"We are exploring the next steps to see who may be willing to fund rehabbing some other homes," Freeman-Wilson said.

Robin Copeland, who lives in the neighborhood, said it's fun to chat with visitors and take pictures for them. She's hopeful that the Street of Dreams project will help the neighborhood thrive.
"It'll be a good thing for Gary and it will help the neighborhood look way better," Copeland said.

But beyond the house and an annual Michael Jackson festival in August, there aren't many signs marking Jackson's impact around the city.

Even before Jackson's death, there was talk about the city having a museum or performing arts center to memorialize arguably its most famous son. Jackson mentioned the performing arts center idea when he last visited Gary in 2003, but talks stalled when he was charged with child molestation soon afterward in California.

Jackson's father, Joe, was in talks with developers about a possible museum and hotel near Grant Street and the Borman Expressway. But those plans never went much of anywhere either.

Freeman-Wilson said the city hasn't been actively involved about bringing a Michael Jackson museum to Gary because "that's not a project the city can undertake." But a private entity did speak to her a few years ago about a Jackson-related project, she said.

"But whenever we would ask, 'What's the involvement of the Jackson family?' nobody seemed to know the answer," Freeman-Wilson said. "By that time I had developed a rapport with Mrs. (Katherine) Jackson, and I found that the family hadn't been consulted, so I knew not to take these people seriously."

I have to wait the estate's accounting to see if they paid that second house in Gary (if buying that house story is true). No matter what they sell there, they do not have rights to sell anything that has got to do with MJ's image and likeness, so if they ever sell something it would be something to do with others. Then, the estate shouldn't have spent any money to purchase that house?
opening a gift shop is a cute idea... as far as you guys saying this a way for the family to make money.... lol!! the gift shop is not going to have actual quality business.. its a gift shop, not a museum. after paying for utilities and paying a couple people to work there... it will break even, and maybe buy dinner lol... I really don't think money is the motivator, i'm sure it's been an idea for years to make it a little more worth while than just some old house on the corner of the street
If Jermaine had left Motown i really do believe the brothers would still be together today
pminton;4097560 said:
If Jermaine had left Motown i really do believe the brothers would still be together today

I don’t think so because Michael was too talented and the group too dysfunctional to stay chained together. They were holding him back. You can see how his creativity exploded after he left the group. It was phenomenal!
The Jacksons as a group demise was the same things that made them great.. MICHAEL! Michael wanted to express himself and not be held back, that's why he wanted a solo career. He did not even want to be labeled as the guy from the Jackson 5 when establishing his solo career.
Got to share with my family this is a picture that is inside of the house that is next door to Michael house it was open to the public in Gary,Ind it was posted on 2300 Jackson Street Jackson 's Fan Club. I do not know if this is going to be the gift house.