Janet Jackson Teaches How To Dance ..Must Watch

Nope.. I will take Beyonce. Beyonce can perform and she can also sing
Nope.. I will take Beyonce. Beyonce can perform and she can also sing

Delusional ..That Wig tossing ..boooty shaking and yelling is Not performing dear..beyonce wishes she could perform as good as janet

That wig tossing
Nope.. I will take Beyonce. Beyonce can perform and she can also sing
You're just saying that 'cause you despise Janet. Btw this thread is about JANET, not Beyonce.

There are a few artists than I can't stand but I give credit to them where it's due. Btw Janet has ALWAYs been a performer. She' s been doing it longer than Bey anyways. Both women are great performers.
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Please do not derail this thread with Janet hate.

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Beyonce could NEVER be on Janet's performance level and its just stupidity to think her booty shaking is on the level of Janet's 'If' or 'Rhythm Nation' choreography. No female artist dances like Janet, until I see someone better the choreography of 'If' I won't even consider them on her performance level.

Underrated as she is, she's definitely one of the best performers there are out there. Thanks for sharing.
I see a lot of MJ moves in Janet's dancing and there is nothing wrong with that. She's definately talented.
I see a lot of MJ moves in Janet's dancing and there is nothing wrong with that. She's definately talented.
there actually is also some janet moves that mj also copied and incorporated into his routines
Who cares? MJ took a lot from his inspirations, what's important is incorporating your own style into it and innovating, which they both did.
Exactly Michael used plenty of moves from other artists, that's not a crime.
But let's stick with Janet that's what this thread is about.
But mostly it was the other way around -_-

its funny how its so difficult for some fans to accept that janet influenced michael in alot of aspects ...even when he says so blatantly himself ..shrugs.
Leave Jaydom alone ya'll


Actually, when I read the thread title I thought this was a video where Janet was teaching an audience how to dance--silly me.

Don't forget that Michael taught Janet to dance as well. I remember him mentioning this. In fact, I think she called him and asked him to teach her. You can tell also that she has a good choreographer as well who planned out her moves. She is a good performer.
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But mostly it was the other way around -_-

Uuuuuh no it wasn't. Compare a lot of Janet's Control era choregraphy to Michael's bad Era. Very, very similar and Janet came FIRST.

They were always inspired by each other, but that's friendly brother/sister competition. Actually I have some gif sets that prove this, I'll post them in a second.


Janet's Control 1987 performance vs Michaels' TWYMMF 1988 Performance:



ALSO note that the move Michael is doing comes from Janet's Pleasure Principle video!

Janet's The Knowlege 1989 vs Michael's Black or White 1991:





There are two more bits from Janet's Pleasure Principle that I'll post later.
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^Nope don't see the similarities.

Just because there's a milisecond where they both stand with their legs wide apart, or move from left to right, doesn't mean one copied the other.
How can't you see it, the moves are very similar, it doesn't have to be a complete rip off of the choreography to be similar, I don't see why some fans find it hard to see that MJ also took from Janet, just as she did him.
Here's some from Nasty and Bad (no one is saying MJ copied anyone, just pointing out similarities in their moves, as I said before it takes nothing away from MJ's genius and innovation of dance):



If you can't see it, you're blind LOL. Here's two more:



Like it was said before, nobody is saying it was stealing. It's all about inspiration. In those gifs taken from Janet's The Knowledge and Michaels' Black or White, it's all about the feel and inspiration of how the videos were shot. I wasn't saying they were move for move, I was trying to convey the sense of inspiration Mike took from the video for the Panther sequence in his own a few years later.

I love how they work off each other like that!

Another instance is Janet's "IF" which I feel is very much inspired by Michael's Blood on the Dance Floor. I personally think she may have heard that song back in 1991 when he originally recorded it, and got her inspiration before the release of Janet. in 1993. Who really knows, but the similarities between the songs are definitely striking!

This is why I love them both, they share so much.
I don't think Michael was inspired by Janet. It was Paula Abdul who used to work a lot with The Jacksons and later she was Janet's choreograph.
I don't think Michael was inspired by Janet. It was Paula Abdul who used to work a lot with The Jacksons and later she was Janet's choreograph.

I agree, but try telling that to Janet fans.
Just admit it you hate Janet Jackson and that's Okay. She has plenty of haters but you must stand in line!

Some of you people are amazing, just simply amazing.
I think they absolutely influenced one another. Michael and Janet both had they own choreographers, but, I think they were very hands on in the construction of the choreography. Therefore, naturally, the choreography would have touches of them in it including who they were influenced by - including each other. They have said that they were influenced by each other, so I really don't understand why this is a matter of debate or contention.

I also don't see why everything has to be turned into a competition like you guys have to prove how good Michael is by dissing Janet (or anyone else who is given any kind of commendation.) The thread was simply about how well Janet was dancing in that video. I don't know why that had to be turn into "Well, Michael did it better". They and their accomplishments both can definitely stand on their own and they don't need a constant comparison with each other to give them validity.
Thank you mod ..couldnt have been said better ....they have both said it so why is it even a debate ..shrugs
It's fascinating to see how this thread is changed really fast in to a hate thread.
Man, can't you just stop the hating, don't you get tired of yourself to blame and hate others?

This is a Janet Jackson thread.
If you don't like, then just don't fac king come here.

There are plenty of people saying 'Michael Jackson is the best dancer ever'
Well, he also had his inspiration from other people.
Look at Fred Astaire for example, smooth criminal and you rock my world are definitaly inspired by Fred Astaire his clips.
But you don't hear any of that, because 'we have to keep Michael's legacy alive and we don't want to hate, we have to love'
So act like Michael then and don't hate here because you have some problems with some people.

Some mj fans are hypocrites and ironic.