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Jul 25, 2011
Sorry for this very long post, but I really feel like I have to share my thoughts somehow… This is only my personal opinion; it may be different from yours…

I’m ashamed to confess that I became a Michael Jackson fan only after his sad death :( :blush: … I feel miserable for that :( … My only excuse is that when I quitted watching cartoons all day long (around 2003) and started to realize what music is about, the music channels barely showed Michael’s outstanding videos (they considered them too ‘old’ I think) and seeing him on news channels with trials, gossips and made-up stories couldn’t make me understand how a big artist, performer and human being he was :sigh: …

Of course, after he passed away all the TV channels started to show him all day long and realized how a big loss to music this was :rolleyes:Why couldn’t they realize how an extraordinary talented man he was while he was still living (I’m mainly talking about the last years, in my point of view)? He would’ve been happier if the media posted this kind of stuff instead of all the lies and gossips which made him so sad… Why did he had to endure all those nasty accusations, all those made-up stories and all those awful lies when his only wish was to make the world a better place? Is this what a pure, innocent and loving soul deserves? Why did most of the world (excluding earlier fans whom I admire, but including me) started to appreciate the artist, the performer and the man Michael Jackson at the level he deserved only after his death? And another thing that bugs me… Why do people realize how important something or someone was to them only after they lose it/him/her? :sigh:

And I think I have the answer… Sad but true…
“If they say –
Why, why, tell ‘em that is human nature”

I just can’t stop listening to his songs, saving pictures of him, making wallpapers and avatars and downloading his vids… I even started writing in a notebook all his songs that I love and I’ve made drawings which have to do with the song next to the lyrics! :) But I feel awful that I wasn’t there for him as a fan while he was alive and sometimes I feel my excuse isn’t good enough :cry:

These days I kept on thinkin’: “Better sooner than later… But better late than never…” Am I right? Am I worthy of being a part of this forum?

I really think that Michael watches us from heaven… He’s gone to really walk on the moon :) … Rest in peace, Michael!

P.S.: I’m kinda new around here… I hope that this is the right forum…