King of Pop's Secret Lover? 'I Was Michael Jackson's Boyfriend' Update Post 72 Joe's Reply* (Merged)


Perfect response..No seriously. :)
Jackson bodyguards trying to kill gay rumor
Last Updated: 3:43 AM, May 8, 2010
Posted: 11:41 PM, May 7, 2010
Michael Jackson's former bodyguards -- Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Mike Garcia -- are shopping a book, "In Defense of the King," about their three years working with the King of Pop. The body men, who were interviewed by ABC in March, will sit down for another chat with the network to air in June, in which they will expound on Jackson's financial troubles and try to kill rumors that the singer was gay. For one, confirms publicist Lelani Clark, the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life. One was called "Friend" and spoke with a European accent.*****_gal_pals_NxhcAiMT4G0cbh5zNOsHvM

Wasn't there a rumour that he was with that vogue stylist?
Yeah, I heard that rumor as well. But I don't know if it is true.
I'm sure these are some of the pictures he uses has proof! HA HA HA!

This is a SAD!

On a positive note on that first pic MJ looks so cute! :)
Wow, even a Harvey Klein has a limit. :bugeyed I don't know what's scarier here. :hysterical:

And here I thought any one of the potential soulmates would have at least a very basic insight and understanding of their loved ones... how did it escape him HOW MUCH Michael Jackson despised tabloid stories...and I'm quite sure anybody who would consider him a soulmate wouldn't consider his sexual orientation part of the public domain, that's why it's called PRIVATE.

FAIL, both of ya. I wonder who the rejected one is in this scenario... Klein? The way he was fighting for his jacket makes me think this is a case of sour grapes...people that feel rejected can do the weirdest things, wouldn't be the first time a "scorned" individual slanders the former object of their desire with libel. All these silly stories coming out of Klein's surroundings are just sounding like someone is out for revenge, the way he tried to publicly embarrass Michael. Enough already. Really.

If I were a patient there I'd be running pretty fast- how many employees of that office there are supposed to have violated these health care provider/patient boundaries? Do they not realize how inappropriate it is for any health care provider to talk about a former patient of theirs? :doh:
I would have been fired ON THE SPOT if I had divulged ANY kind of information like that. FAIL. Somebody with enough money and time on their hands PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE sue them for violations of HIPAA regulations, no wonder Michael felt like he couldn't trust a single soul on this planet, except his children maybe. What a grim reality to live in when you literally can't take a step without running into the knifes everywhere.

yeah. very grim reality.
Well, I'm guessing business is not booming at Klein's office this past year. So anything for money must be the mantra du jour.
i know. I'm sure Michael flirted that way with a lot of girls :D

Yes indeed. Two lines that all women love to hear;

Where've you been all my life?
You're the most interesting person I know.

But I'm pretty sure he meant it with her. You can see it in that very tight hug and his blissful smile.:wub:
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just in case you guys didn'tget a chance to see the guy i posted a pic. OMG WHY DO PEOPLE LIE LIKE THIS> LOOK AT THIS MUTHAFU
Michael's reaction to the two fat guys (Klein and Pfeiffer? :cheeky:) in Moonwalker:

If he was Michael's lover as he says, he should have shown letters, any kind of evidence to prove what he's saying, otherwise he should have kept his mouth shut.

And besides, if Michael was gay and for personal reasons had decided to keep his sexuality private, it's wrong to make it public when he's not here anymore.
That story is innately ridiculous. Those pictures in which Pfeiffer does manage to show up, well, Michael doesn't even look aware that he's there. If anything, they prove what --wasn't-- going on, quite obviously. Not that anyone needed proof. I mean, seriously, if Michael Jackson was gay, he could do way better than that. Obviously, though, he was not of this persuasion. Klein and Pfeiffer should give it up and stop embarrassing themselves before, oh wait, it's already too late.
I think it's obvious MJ loved the ladies. It's dirty these kind of stories only come out after his death when he can't defend himself. These people just want to sell "secret dirt" on him after to make money selling this garbage to the tabloids.
I'm not saying he was. I said "If". I don't know anything about Michael's private life.
One more time, tabloids say bad things about Michael Jackson. That's so wrong.
I truly hope, they'll stop it soon.
Since his death, too many people say bad words about him. They're with media and they create new rumors everyday. You know what, we don't care.