Kygo’s Remix of Say Say Say is out this Friday!

Strange song structure and transitions. 1st verse comes out of nowhere, first drop without chorus vocals and quite repetitive. I like the structure of the second drop better. As an official MJ single or part of an album, it would be terrible - but when framed as a remix, I find the song listenable and radio-ready, but nothing special. Would like to see the song labeled as a remix though, someone who doesn't know the song yet might think as it is being marketed right now that is a "new" unreleased single. And I don't understand why the remix is released now and not as part of a marketing strategy of Thriller 40 (together with other remixes of songs from the Thriller era), but I guess nobody understands that either...
This didn't even show up as a notification for my Spotify. It's barely considered something new.
It'll be good to hear this in those random JC Penny's that don't play any good music. Or Starbucks or wherever.
Idk why use that song. The song is kinda boring imo. It's like a whole 3min loop. & I hate the snare used in the remix. It's so cringy
The song is catchy, and it's been in my head all day so it must be doing something right.
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The vocal chops are pretty good but it ends up getting way too repetitive. It would've been better if the remix was longer and had more added to it. 5/10 but had the potential to be 7/10.