Last Videos of Michael Jackson Guarded by Top Security

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Jul 25, 2011
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Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in "the case" forum but chose here as I noticed something rather interesting in the text that I found quite exciting so thought I would share it here.....

(The videos are said to have a "high monetary value inherent in their potential for future uses. Those uses include one or more 'anniversary editions.'")

I like the fact that we may one day get to see further video from the rehearsals and there are "OVER 20 BOXES OF VIDEO"......

Michael Jackson: Videos of rehearsals subpoenaed by Conrad Murray's lawyers?

The superstar singer, Michael Jackson has affected the lives of millions around the world. His music resonates with people all over the globe. His passing was a huge shock to countless individuals, and fans everywhere are hoping to see justice obtained for the legendary King of Pop. According to new reports, rehearsal footage from Michael Jackson's preparation for the This Is It tour, in the form of several videos have reportedly be obtained by the lawyers of Dr. Conrad Murray. As fans are aware, the Murray trial was pushed back until September. According to one report in particular, the transport of these videos is generating headlines since armed guards were reportedly part of the transport.

As TMZ reports, lawyers for Sony reportedly said of the tapes: "When they were transported to the Sony lot in Culver City, the transport in an unmarked truck was accompanied by armed guards in the dead of the night." According to the same report, a source at Sony reportedly said that the videos "have a high monetary value inherent in their potential for future uses."

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