Let's end the confusion about MJ's unreleased tracks here

Was the 1988 demo of Earth Song and the instrumental of Superfly Sister found in the torrent? I don't think it was. This just makes me believe even more that the leakers are holding back material.
I can't find Childhood footage in any of the 4 torrents? Did it leak?
Regarding songs I think that's it. TYLA and others were songs played by guests, so they weren't on Brad's laptop or SSD to begin with.

It makes sense that most of the material that has been played in the past were from Michael Prince and Brad Buxer and sometimes he would have other guests.
Nope. TYLA as well as the already in lq circulating GOAL and SW87 were all sourced from Brads physical tape copies.
They’re not going to leak everything that was played on every seminar after all.
This version of Streetwalker is so much more exciting than the 2001 special edition version. I can see how Mike was really fond of it and thought it had potential

Turnin' Me Off (scratch vocals), Homeless Bound, The Choice and Garbage are interesting titles on the 1990 DAT tapes
It's interesting that there were songs being configured at such an early stage, it makes you think I wonder if Michael ever considered making Decade?

Surely Turnin' Me Off has some vocals, if if was started during the Bad era and brought back in the Dangerous era. The Choice is an interesting title
I'm shocked Mike didn't go for Willing and Waiting, it's got potential and honestly he recorded weaker songs written for him on Invincible
It would've aged better than You Are Not Alone that's for sure. Maybe it wouldn't have been #1 though, people really liked that soppy mopey R. Kelly, I Believe I Can Fly stuff. It's certainly more at home on HIStory with Stranger in Moscow and the like.