Looking for pics. Michael in front of the crowd


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Hi, do any of you guys have photos like this one? where michael is standing in front of the crowd? :) :wub:


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Some of them have been posted already but here you go uncropped. :)



Two excellent examples of Michael Magic! He starts out the show like this otherworldly awesome golden alien robot, and even after ripping off his shining helmet and breastplate he is still a perfect golden "hero" .....

..... and then you see that - among all the golden armour - he is wearing his raggedy, broken in, unpolished dancing shoes. That actually are the most magic shoes ever ..... Do I make sense? :lol:


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What a great thread. Can I just send out one collective, huge thanks to everyone who contributed? :bow: All the pictures are awesome, but I truly loved the way he smiled in this particular one

You can sooooo tell that he truly felt at home on the stage. He basically grew up on it, after all. I think it's pretty safe to say that all of the pics posted here could easily go under the chapter baby-boy-@-the-office :lol:

I also wanted to contribute with one picture, but couldn't find it. Wasn't actually from performances, but rather in front of a huge crowd made of public, but also photographers. I think it was taken in 1997, back when he went to Cannes. Perhaps it was taken in front of a hotel in Monaco or somewhere close. Anyone know what I'm talkin' about? I could very well have the wrong date and location, but I can visualize it so clearly - everyone around him was goin' crazy, snappin' pictures, screamin' at him, while he stares intensely from behind the mask at the one photographer who took thattt particular picture.


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^^^ LOL @ that gif. Always ready with the funny reactions, eh? :lol: It is funny, but highly accurate also. Michael's pic was truly worth that reply :wub:

Looooove his back in this one, especially them broad shoulders of his narrowing down to that bitty waist in trapeze-like shape, juusst as a man's body is supposed to be built :)

The pants don't actually do him justice here, but in this one instance it's the back upper section which is more interesting :p Not that the man's upper front side wasn't deliciously enchanting, mesmerizing and hypnotic - especially his face, brain and :heart: Gotta point that out. I wouldn't want to leave room for interpretations :girl_haha:
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