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Dec 2, 2002
Dear members,

It is with great pleasure that I announce from today MJJCommunity will be completely free to use for all, yep you heard it right MJJCommunity will no longer be looking to the members to support our costs, therefore no donations and donation bar or worry each and every month.

Obviously with this announcement there will now no longer be a donator group, thus once this has been fully implemented all members will be moved to the same group with the same (some slight ajustments) features.

Of course going forward as we all know the costs are still there so I will be leaving open the opportunity to still donate should you ever wish to by simply using the in PayPal. However please know there is now no pressure to do so and anyone doing so is purely voluntary as and when they ever do.

Lastly with this announcement you might notice more ad's popping up around the pages as with all online platforms once it's solely reliant on that and other means away from the general membership.

Lasly I do hope this announcement will finally put to bed this age old issue/worry/concern and we can all focus on honouring Michael's legacy in the best way we all know how.

Best Wishes
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I truely hope it has nothing to do we the server fees, as this a regular problem every month. Last month we were $ 50 behind the costs.
Some kind of reminder would in my opinion be helpful as the most people are not thinking about it. Everybody has their personal stuff going on...

It's terrible to think about the end of this community. So, please...
I'm gonna guess good.. People generally don't like pre announcing bad news... maybe I'm wrong!! attention you have for sure though
So i just saw that the "Donate"-Button disappeard.I hope my fears do not come true....
I think Gaz had mentioned that he was looking into something along those lines awhile ago. Maybe that's it. We'll know soon enough I guess.
Some things just aren't worth it, are they? Life goes on.
Paris78 you took the words right out of my mouth Donate"-Button disappeard.

Alots of ppls don't have a pay-pal account and do want to open one so maybe he is updated that.
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Gosh it's like MJJC are having a shot at playing the Estate. Announcing announcements lol
It might not take long Gaz good at about letting us know thing when it come to MJJC. It will be soon.
Announcement posted in my post (#post1)
Thanks Gaz for the announcement. Sounds good. :)
Fantastic news and it gives out a great filling of good will which is appreciated and needed right now in the fan community. Fair play Gaz.
Great news Gaz/everyone. Long may it last

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Regarding the extra ads please if you can not have ad blockers on MJJC and when you see them you know what to do as all will help fund the site.
Awesome Gaz! I'll still chip in - and click a few of the ads!
I hope it's a good thing.
Gaz is a genius, he knows how to do the right things to improve the community. lol

Thanks Gaz.
Ads, great how long until between every post

"Asian girls looking for love and husbands"
"You have definitely won $1000000000, click here"
"Russian brides 4 U"
"Doctors wonder what her secret is"
"Make $10,000 a week without leaving home"
"Kim Kardashins hottest secrets"
"USA Green card lottery"
"Play (insert medieval themed game that costs heaps to play) and with image of very endowed cartoon manga girl"

Is it a good or a bad thing, some forums have ads after every single post. Thank God I had ad blocker and won't see any of it.