Michael in this new VMA-promo

I'm happy, because she deserved it. Thanks :wub:
I hope they mention him,it is his birthday that day,and he made MTV
I hope they mention Michael too. If they don't, then MTV really disappoints me for watching it for nothing like the 50th Grammys.
Can't stand MTV but Brit deserves it. I'd prefer a tribute to Britney Spears any day over a Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry tribute -_-
I didn't know the VMA's were on his birthday this year. No doubt that MTV is aware of it. I hope they mention him, he deserves it. MTV would be nothing if it weren't for him.
Could someone post the title to the video and/or youtube search terms Please so I can try to find another video on youtube because that one has been blocked

Edit* If it's the promo that they've been showing on VH1 Classic etc. for the last month I've seen a couple of them like this one:

Here's some info. below about the promo & The date & Air time - Which I believe is August 28th



I also liked the one where it's shows Michael at the end during the 1995 VMA performance,but I can't find that one right now.

Here it is:

Thanks @ Desired :)

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This show is on his birthday? I remember the last time it was and it didn't go so well for Michael. I don't watch these shows anymore. I did in 2009 to see the tribute but that's it. I wish they would bring back the award named after him that was taken away. I thought it was a mean thing to do. Michael made what videos are today and there should be an award named after him. That's how I feel.
how can Britney Spears deserve a tribute? Michael did more then she could POSSIBLY dream of. that is nuts. I dont understand how MTV can have a VMA show with out the VM? I mean really the only time they play videos is 5 to 8 am thats it then its the rest of the crap they have on TV. Its insane to have this Award show.
^^ The trailer you posted said on the 29th, which one is it?
^^ The trailer you posted said on the 29th, which one is it?

The date at the end of the video that you are seeing is "29.08.11" but it changes to "08.28.11" at the last minute. Also, according to the official website, it will air on the 28th.
I think they are showing two dates in the promo, because in Europe it will be the 29th when the show airs (they show it live on MTV Europe and it usually starts at 3 am) and in America it's gonna be the 28th.