Michael Jackson fans protest postponement


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May 21, 2008
Jackson fans protest postponement
27/05/2009 - 09:15:54


Angry Michael Jackson fans have taken to the internet to protest the superstar's decision to delay his July comeback.

Last week Jackson postponed his seven-month London residency by five days, pushing the launch of his 'This Is It' tour back to 13 July.

In a statement, promoters AEG and Jackson's choreographer Kenny Ortega claimed the extra time was needed to ensure the spectacular show can go off without a hitch.

But the move has angered fans around the world who had already bought expensive plane tickets to fly into London for the shows - and will now have to wait until March 2010 to see their idol live.

A number of devotees have set up an online petition to protest the postponement. The petition reads: "Many of us who had purchased tickets for the opening concerts and have already purchased flight tickets and hotels etc. have received an email informing us of our concerts being rescheduled not two or three weeks but a grand total of 10 months!
"Many of us now are left unable to go or are feeling disappointed in having taken so much effort to get tickets for the opening performances to be put to the very end of the concert run.

"While we have no idea whose fault this is, whether it is the O2, AEG Live or Michael Jackson himself's decision or fault.

"We the undersigned are asking for the management of the concert to please reconsider this decision."

Jackson has denied the delay was health-related, amid rumors he is suffering from skin cancer.


Personally I don't call people like them "fans" ..
Its hard for them but they are making a drama right now. :doh:
why are they not fans? I don't have this problem myself, but I can see why they are upset..

For me as a student, I would have used IMPORTANT money on this if I had decided to go, and money that I cant go out and use again because I cant afford to pay such a bill twice..

So I would feel very devistated if I where in these fans position..

And mark you that they do not judge Michael in their statement. Just saying that they are dissapointed to be let down like this.
The people protesting cannot be MJ fans, at all. We have waited this long, what is the deal about waiting a little longer? If MJ says he needed to push the first 4 shows back to make everythimg just right, why are we questioning him? Well, we would rather anticipate with total joy, the greatest entertainer ever, and what he will bring. MJ has never given his fans a mediocre anything, always top shelf, period.
I can not believe these things... I'm sure Michael has postponed the concerts that he wanted, he postponed that was needed and had no other way out, I know he must have been worried about the reaction of fans. The fans have to stay calm and understand the situation. Everybody that bought your ticket will have the opportunity to be there, I know I was already people with everything programmed, but unexpected always happens and will happen, if you can not go in you want, choose another date, is so simple and people complicate. No use getting desperate that does not solve anything. Is not the end of the world. I wonder if I canceled all concerts, despair would be greater...​
It is beyond ridiculous to suggest that somebody is not a fan simply because they take issue with having their concerts shifted.

Many fans are now unable to attend because they have lost money on flights and accommodation and can't afford to pay again. Or because they applied for a visa and won't be able to get a new one for the rescheduled date.

These fans bought tickets to the first four shows because they specifically wanted to be amongst the first to see MJ. Now they will be the last.

Their anger is justified, unlike saying they're not fans, which is simply childish.
Hope it is ok I bring up this old thread, but recently was thinking about this topic again. I know it is the least of our "problems" considering what happened, but I'm curious: Was that even legal they caused so much financial loss to concert visitors (plane tickets etc.)? I'm not talking about the moral side, just whether people would have had the right to get compensated.
Wow, look. There's Charles.

Man, looking back at people's comments from May 2009...if only they knew.
It did get ugly. Both Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips had to make an announcement concerning why it was postponed. I remember going on the forum at 11 pm and people were still upset and I was shocked. I wrote how sad to see Michael Jackson fans turning on Michael like that, when they were the last loyal supporters he had.

It did calm down and then more tickets were released and all the fans were helping one another to score the tickets. Most of the attendees of the Shows in London, about 95% were from the UK. Airline tickets can be cheaper if you buy them without a refund. That's what was making the fans the most upset. The other was wanting to be at the first show. Bragging rites are that important to some.
Wow, look. There's Charles.

Man, looking back at people's comments from May 2009...if only they knew.

IKR? I was thinking the same thing. It's so sad that people were complaining about the concert dates being pushed back, when in the end, they didn't happen at all.

In answer to the question posed, I'm fairly sure it's not "illegal" for an artist or for concert promoters to revise concert dates, without having to compensate concert attendees for out of pocket expenses. They might be entitled to a refund on their concert tickets if they can't attend, but as for air fares and accommodation, I would think not. It's unfortunate, but it's just a fact of life that plans can and do go awry.
Man, looking back at people's comments from May 2009...if only they knew.

No need to get rude. I was not looking at old threads, but thinking of this incident and searching if a thread to this existed (which it did).

@Mikky, you're probably right, seems logical it was legitimate like you described. What I didn't like back then is how they announced it, I remember Kenny O. in a TV interview acting like it was the most normal thing in the world and like it was a "professional" move from their side.
Wow, look. There's Charles.

Man, looking back at people's comments from May 2009...if only they knew.

Didnt realise he posted on here as twisted vision aswell as other boards.??

Look at the small print of any concert ticket you buy.they always cover themselves for such things