Michael Jackson Giraffes Die

-_- @ those Peta folks

I wouldn't put it past PETA themselves to cause such tragedy just to say "we told you so," what a pathetic and harmful organization to animals...

Agree with both of you, PETA just needs to go to hell, I am so tired of their shenanigans. I prefer to give my time to Animal rights organizations who aren't attention whores, or don't have the "look I'm doing good, can you see!" type celebs supporting it. And having nekid D-list celebs on your ads ain't gonna work.

I hate the fact about how they treat Michael and many other people. And They were getting on Obama for killing a damn fly? What the hell?
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This is horrible news:( Why weren't these animals taken to Encino in the first place?
speaking of his animals- how's Bubbles the chimp??

he is fine


link: http://www.centerforgreatapes.org/residents-details.aspx?id=6

so is sabu and triller



they went to join Michael in a better world, too
We know his animals went to sanctuaries...bubbles has been at a sanctuary....Tippi Hendron talked about some of the animals that was released to her from Michael.....PETA is a hate group and they will say and do anything and look ignorant in the process.

I heard otherwise. Did they not test those giraffes and found no foul play?
This is so terrible and sad.:(
What kind of people would do this? sigh.....

Interesting article done BEFORE the deaths: (click on the link above to go to the article and there is a video of the giraffes there)

Tonight KSL TV out of Salt Lake did a feature on Banjoko, a preserve on the outskirts of Page, Arizona, which houses many of the Michael Jackson’s animals that came from Neverland Ranch including birds, reptiles and giraffes.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Banjoko = Stay With Me An Wander No More

Several months ago I had the opportunity to tour, with another business owner and my 15 year old daughter, Banjoko. We met at Tom and Freddie Hancock’s boat business, Lake Powell Water World and set off. While only a 5 minute drive outside of Page, I was not ready for what a moving event the tour turned out to be. To be so close to not only the giraffes but also the birds and snakes is not something many folks will ever get to experience. The fact that they belonged to Micheal Jackson is eclipsed by what magnificent creatures they are.

There is now a lawsuit that has been filed, a fence that has not been built, a city whose officials are not happy and mostly a community who has lost tourism dollars through it all.

I network. I Facebook. I Twitter. I Blog. I Talk. One thing is abundantly clear - Page is loosing tourism dollars over this disagreement. I had Social Networking friends here last week from Colorado, and they repeated what I have heard over and over in the past 6 months. They WOULD stay an extra day at Lake Powell if they could go see the Giraffes. Period. Dot.

Add that up. How many hotel nights, meals, drinks and other activities are we, as a community, loosing, by not putting forth our best efforts to get Banjoko open? No answer here, but it is sure something to think about.
Neverland Ranch Giraffe eats lunch
More Banjoko Information
This sad news made it into one of our tabloids too. :( They haven't reported any crap about Michael lately. At least I haven't noticed. Poor giraffes...
Poor sweet things. Michael will take good care of them now.It's sad how things went down. Another piece of Neverland has passed on. AUGH... sigh... I do hope not anotherthing leaves this earth so suddenly accept for natural causes.