Michael Jackson statue for Skopje, Macedonia? (non -fiction)


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Aug 27, 2009
Macedonia online have the following announcement/ report. :D
The FB page for the recent film ' 'Monument for Michael Jackson' has commented on their FB page:

'Film imitates life imitates film imitates life...'

Skopje city officials will commemorate the WW2 liberation of the capital on November 13th by unveiling a monument of the man who had the biggest input in freeing Skopje .... US pop star Michael Jackson!?!

It is safe to say, Skopje city officials led by Koce Trajanovski are officially out of control. We applauded the statues of Alexander the Great, Samoil, Delchev and several other notable Macedonians. However we have seen at least 30 other statues go up, some of which have no connection to Macedonia at all.

The 14m tall Michael Jackson statue is said to cost a whopping 900,000 euros - this is just a sad example of fiscal irresponsibility by Skopje city officials, and frankly insulting to its residents.

The 900,000 Euros could have been used for purchasing advanced equipment for Universities, even putting up an apartment building for the ever increasing homeless population in the capital! Putting up a statue of Michael Jackson in Skopje, in this economy is truly bizarre. Should we expect similar statues for Tina Turner, Elvis or are the plethora of monuments and statues just an easy way for someone to profit? Time will tell. //Marina Trajkovska



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Dec 16, 2013
A MJ statue is awesome of course... But the local people will hate it... A statue which costs nearly 1 million Euros is pretty expensive while the citizens are living in poverty... The local people are going to hate this statue.... :(