Michael Jackson thriller project with Boris Karloff?

I have read online that in 1998 MJ did a 25 year anniversary project with Boris Karloff that included the signing of 500 first day covers that included different stamps that featured Boris Karloff.

I was wondering if anyone here had heard about this project and if they can confirm that it actually happened and MJ did in fact particulate?

Really appreciate it 😊


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It was actually for the 15th Anniversary ‘Thriller’ project.

Michael Jackson was a big fan of the classic Universal Monsters, and especially of the Frankenstein's monster played by English actor Boris Karloff.

The singer reportedly signed (in 1998) these 500 Boris Karloff numbered First Day Tribute Covers as a way to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of his ‘Thriller’ album.

Rob Swinson, one of the guys that the singer hired to build his Neverland Ranch, some time ago auctioned several of them, but there are fans who questioned their authenticity (although they were sold at that auction with a Certificate of Examination issued by certain autograph experts).